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25 Reasons to Keep Writing
Apocalypse Not Now
The Backstory Cafe
Bad News, Worry and Death
Being PBW
The Book Wubbie
Bookmarks from Hell
Burgers and Birds
Butterfly People
Character Trading Cards
Characters R Us
Character Therapy
Chloroform + Arsenic + Hydroxide = Love
Da Winchy Code
Depression Has No Need
All of the Dilemma posts, including the very first one
The Devil's Publishing Dictionary, Part I and Part II
If Manuscripts Were Lovers
In Character
Is This Your Query?
John and Marcia, the novel crash test dummies (my personal favorite J&M post is My Sweet Savage Salami)
Just. Not. Ready.
Lady RaRa's Rules for Self-Promotion
The Last Samurai Agent
LBL&LI Virtual Workshop #5 -- Art Vs. Life
Make Me a SuperNovelist
Mary Sue Anonymous
Mawked by Dawkness
Persuasion 101
Promo No-No Ten
Publishing 911
Reality Novelists
Reinventing the Bookmark Idea #3
Renting PBW
The RITA Drinking Game
Self-Publishing 911
Strange Fruit
Ten Signs That You May Be Writing a Literary McNovel
Ten Signs that You've Attended Too Many Writing Workshops
Ten Things from Reader Mail
Ten Things I Hate about Your Antagonist
Ten Things I Hate About Your Backstory
Ten Things I Hate About Your Protagonist
Ten Things I Hate About Your World-Building
Ten Things I Would Like for Christmas
Ten Things Said About Authors, and What They Really Mean
Ten Things That Indicate You and Your Story Should Part Ways
Ten Things That Indicate Your Plot Might Need Some Work
Ten Things That May Indicate That You're Writing a McNovel
Ten Things Women Do Only in Novels
Ten Things You Can Do After You're Published
Ten Things You Might Catch from Other Writers' Novels
Ten Things You Should Not Do When You're a Published Author
Ten Things You Probably Shouldn't Ask for During Contract Negotiations
Ten Things You Probably Shouldn't Title Your Novel
The Unexpected Blonde
Volitional Ten
Why God Must be a Writer
Writer Excuses for the Digital Self-Publishing Age
Writers Hospital
Writing with the Stars
You Are My Fire
You Know You're an Older Writer When . . .
Your Writing Horoscope