Monday, November 01, 2004

Wrapping it Up

Plotted and wrote two synopses today; sent one off to the respective editor and will sleep on the other for the night. Not quite satisfied with the twist yet.

Wrote a new chapter for Rebel Ice, edited it tonight. I've got a decent flow rolling with this one so it pours out onto the page.

Worked on the next chapter for my second biblical historical novel. Much tougher and slower-going, not quite comfortable with the new voice yet. Also still waiting for some dig/research books to arrive so I can complete my layout map and get more details on the field irrigation systems that were used, which are turnkey to the plot.

Wrote two devotionals for the 2006 Anthology. Stayed under my 250 wordcount max limit for those, but it's never easy. I have to edit these as I write to stay in guidelines.

Synopses = 7,277 words; RI Chapter = 8,403 words; BH Chapter = 1,525 words; and Antho = 462 words. Day's wordcount total: 17,667.

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