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Steampunk AH Urban Fantasy (writing as Lynn Viehl)

Her Ladyship's Curse, Part 1 of Disenchanted & Co. August 2013 Pocket Star ISBN#9781476722313
His Lordship Possessed, Part 2 of Disenchanted & Co. October 2013 Pocket Star ISBN#9781476722344
Disenchanted & Co. (Her Ladyship's Curse and His Lordship Possessed in one edition) January 2014 Pocket Star ISBN#9781476722351
The Clockwork Wolf Feburary 2014 Pocket Star ISBN#9781476722375

Dark Fantasy (writing as Lynn Viehl)

The Complete Darkyn Series:

If Angels Burn April 2005 Signet Eclipse ISBN#0451214773
Private Demon October 2005 Signet Eclipse ISBN# 0451217055
Dark Need June 2006 Signet Eclipse ISBN# 0451218663
Night Lost May 2007 Signet Eclipse ISBN# 9780451221025
Evermore January 2008 Signet Eclipse ISBN# 9780451222848
Twilight Fall July 2008 Onyx ISBN# 9780451412591
Master of Shadows eSpecial release Onyx ISBN# 9781440679315
Stay the Night January 2009 Onyx ISBN# 9780451412669

The Complete Kyndred Series:

Shadowlight October 2009 Onyx ISBN# 9780451412782
Dreamveil June 2010 Onyx ISBN# 978-0451412881
Frostfire January 2011 Signet Select ISBN# 9780451413024
Nightshine November 2011 Signet Select ISBN# 9780451413147

The Complete Lords of the Darkyn trilogy:

Nightborn March 2012 Signet Select ISBN#9780451413215
Nightbred December 2012 Signet ISBN#9780451238795
Nightbound May 2013 Signet Select ISBN#9780451239815

Science Fiction (writing as S.L. Viehl)

The Complete StarDoc SF series:
StarDoc January 2000 Roc SF/F ISBN# 0451457730
Beyond Varallan July 2000 Roc SF/F ISBN# 0451457935
Endurance January 2001 Roc SF/F ISBN# 0451458141 (OOP)
Shockball August 2001 Roc SF/F ISBN# 0451458559 (OOP)
Eternity Row September 2002 Roc SF/F ISBN# 0451458915 (OOP)
Rebel Ice January 2006 Roc SF/F ISBN# 0451460626 (OOP)
Plague of Memory January 2007 Roc SF/F ISBN# 9780451461230
Omega Games August 2008 Roc SF/F ISBN# 9780451462244
Crystal Healer August 2009 Roc SF/F ISBN# 9780451462855
Dream Called Time August 2010 Roc SF/F ISBN# 9780451463463

Other SF novels:
Blade Dancer August 2003 Roc SF/F ISBN# 0451459261 (OOP)
Ring of Fire (Anthology; short story: A Matter of Consultation)January 2004 BAEN ISBN# 074347175X -- Available to read online at the Baen Free Library here
Bio Rescue August 2004 Roc SF/F ISBN# 9780451460080
Afterburn August 2005 Roc SF/F ISBN# 9780451461179

Romance (writing as Gena Hale; out of print)
Paradise Island April 2001 ONYX ISBN# 0451409825
Dream Mountain August 2001 ONYX ISBN# 0451410033
Sun Valley June 2002 ONYX ISBN# 0451410394

Romance (writing as Jessica Hall; out of print)
The Deepest Edge February 2003 ONYX ISBN# 0451207963
The Steel Caress May 2003 ONYX ISBN# 0451208528
The Kissing Blades August 2003 ONYX ISBN# 045120946X
Into the Fire March 2004 ONYX ISBN# 0451411307
Heat of the Moment October 2004 ONYX ISBN# 0451411587

Young Adult

After Midnight May 2011 Flux ISBN# 9780738726328

Christian Adult Fiction Series (writing as Rebecca Kelly)

Grace Chapel Inn Series:
Going to the Chapel
Portraits of the Past
Midsummer Melody
Home for the Holidays
Promises to Keep
Life is a Three-Ring Circus

Devotionals: Daily Guideposts 2004, 2005

Nonfiction (writing as Lynn Viehl)

Way of the Cheetah (OOP)

Self-published Free e-books

All of the fiction and nonfiction below can be read online or downloaded in .pdf format for free from Google Docs:


New: Ghost Writer, a Just Write story.

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