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8/14/18: Paperback Writer is now static. For more information, please see my final post here.

In lieu of an FAQ or a bio, here is probably more than you ever wanted to know about Paperback Writer:

A. PBW does not provide ad space for anyone or accept advertising of any kind. I am not paid to write the content, nor do I collect any profits from the blog. If you would like to express your appreciation for what I do here, the best way is to buy one of my books. If you can't afford that, request a copy at your local library. If you don't care for my books, no problem; buy or request any book you want. Just make an effort to read and I'll be happy.

B. For many years PBW has also doubled as my author web site. At present I no longer publish bylined works or work as a writer for hire, but I continue to write and post stories for my readers as free reads when time permits. For previously published works, please see my bibliography page here.

C. PBW does not review books or accept review copies of books except through Library Thing's Early Reviewers program, which I joined in April 2015. Nor do I participate in blog tours, book tours, author interviews I have not personally arranged, publisher giveaways, special online promotions, etc. Any book you see me talking about or giving away here is one that I personally purchased or received via LT, loved and had to talk about.

D. Among other things, I am notorious for giving quotes to and helping launch a couple of relatively unknown authors whose novels went on to become huge bestsellers. This happened a few years back, and was nothing but sheer dumb luck on my part. You may have heard otherwise, so please be assured that I am not psychic, precognitive, tapped into any insider info, nor do I have any special secret handshake, magic fairy dust or anything else to sprinkle on your novel. Update: Until further notice I am not reading anything for quotes, sorry.

E1. Comments are moderated and do not post on PBW until they are approved by me. If your comment does not show up on the blog immediately, I am probably busy, offline, or Blogger's comment moderation system is lagging. Please be patient. Submitting your comment over and over will not speed up the process of posting; it will do the exact opposite.

E2. Since this is my weblog, I decide what gets posted, and that includes comments from others. I do not apologize for this policy, nor do I feel that everyone is entitled to use my space. So what sort of comments won't get posted? The list includes but is not limited to: SPAM, ads, porn, bigotry of any variety, online train wrecks, mud-smearing, charity requests, author baiting, fundraisers, trolling, flaming, anything that smells like Eau de Self-Promo, and links to any of the above.

E3. Now and then I'll approve comments that are nothing but random/ignorant snide remarks directed at me or one of my posts, mostly for the entertainment value, but generally speaking I delete those, too. Use your common sense, be genuine and your comment will likely be approved. If you want to get attention by peddling yourself, trashing another author, insulting me or otherwise behaving like a jackass, you'll have to do it somewhere else.

F. PBW is written and published by one person: me. I have no assistants, no blog administrator, no moderator, no secretary, no servants, etc. Occasionally I log off my computer to do selfish things like take care of my family, walk the dogs, do housework, cook meals, fold laundry, shower, sleep, etc. This is why if you try to post a comment at 3 a.m. it probably won't show up until the next day (see section E1.) For this reason please don't keep posting the same comment over and over, because all 100 attempts are just going to sit in the queue until I get up at 6 a.m. to have a look. Plus it annoys me greatly when I have to delete the same comment 99 times.

G. PBW is published on Blogger's free weblog service. I set it up that way in 2004 because I knew content was the important thing, and I wanted to show other writers that you can publish a popular blog without spending a dime. As PBW grew a bunch of folks tried to talk me into going commercial, making a better site, selling space, using a professional designer, and just about everything else to get into my wallet. Then when the blog got really popular they tried to give it to me in exchange for the use of my name, my content, my readership, etc. I've always said no, and that answer is not going to change. PBW is a 100% free blog and it will stay that way.

H. Due to my workload, which is busier than ever, and my personal need to spend more time unplugged from the internet before it drives me out of my skull, as of 9/15/16 I no longer post daily on the blog. I will try to put up new posts every Monday and Friday, and possibly on Wednesday if I have something important or time-sensitive to share. As before my time working on the blog is spent researching, writing and coding a new post (just not as often) and approving or deleting comments. I'll try to respond to comments or answer questions but please don't feel slighted if I can't get to these. I hope you'll understand, and I also apologize for any inconvenience this causes to anyone.

I. Yes, I know there are other authors/promoters/assorted folks out there who have used or are using Paperback Writer as a title for their blog, web site, Tumblr thing, whatever some time after I began PBW. This is because they're unimaginative nitwits and titles cannot be copyrighted. Under certain circumstances titles can be trademarked, but there's a lot of paperwork involved and I'm really not that possessive. Also, as I'm the original, I don't care. So you don't have to e-mail me to tattle on them; they generally give up after a year or two and go static and/or are replaced by the next bunch of title snatchers.

J. I don't attend any conferences or conventions and have no plans to for the rest of my time on the planet. I also refuse to join any writer organizations for reasons that will simply insult everyone who does. Please don't waste your valuable time inviting me to join your organization or be a featured speaker/author/whatever at your con when you could be inviting someone more attractive, charismatic and ambulatory.

K. As my publishing venture partnership has worked out well, I am no longer available as a writer for hire for 2018. I plan to keep my current job until I'm ready to retire, so it's unlikely I will be available to hire in the future. I appreciate every opportunity to work that my clients extended to me over the last three years, and I am very grateful for what I learned as a freelancer. Thank you all.

Whether you're a writer, a reader, or just someone who likes to read blogs, I appreciate everyone who stops in. You're my people, and if you hang out here long enough you will probably find many kindred spirits and perhaps even some new friends. My visitors are what makes this blog fun and informative; they contribute so much more than I can to the discussions and ideas.

And to keep the FTC happy, here is:

PBW's Disclosure Policy

Paperback Writer is a personal blog written and edited by author Lynn Viehl. This blog never accepts any form of advertising, sponsorship, or paid insertions. I write for my own purposes. Other than advance reading copies of books through Library Thing's Early Reviewers Program, or contracted royalties from the publishers of my novels from sales of said novels through booksellers, I never receive compensation from what I write, endorse or link to on this blog.

I have never been compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own or that of the visitors who leave comments. If we claim or appear to be experts on a certain topic or product or service area, we will only endorse products or services that we believe, based on our expertise, are worthy of such endorsement. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer or provider.

For more information about Paperback Writer, contact the blog owner at LynnViehl@aol.com. This policy is effective as of August 1, 2004.