Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Last Post

Much happened while I was on hiatus. I've lost eight more pounds with a healthier diet and exercise regime. I moved my college kid to a new/safer place for the fall semester. I also outlined a big project for my job, and sewed and quilted a bunch of stuff. My next creative challenge is to make a quilt completely out of recycled and vintage linen. Since I think linen hates me, that should be interesting.

While staying off the internet I also figured out a few things. Such as how well I work when I stay off the internet. Without realizing it I've been gravitating back to how I used to write, in peaceful isolation. It's not that I dislike being social, but that I've become ill-equipped to deal with what now constitutes online social interaction.

Which brings me to the blog, which I've been neglecting for a while now. I've been so busy with my job that I don't have time to post anymore, fix the photo problems or otherwise keep PBW up to date. I've been writing about writing since 2004, and after fourteen years and 4,480 posts I think I've covered the basics, right? Ha. Never did answer that one burning question of the ages for writers, though: Courier New, Or Times New Roman?

For some reason time refuses to go backward, and the reality of that is the blog and I have aged quite a bit. I started PBW when I was an energetic 43, and I'm a tired 57 now. When we lost Gerard from The Presurfer so suddenly in 2017 it really hit home. He wasn't that much older than me, and I'm certainly not immortal. To avoid the same thing happening here I actually wrote up a goodbye post and have been scheduling it to publish if I don't put anything new on PBW for six months. It's depressing to reschedule that post every month, and I'd much rather say so long while I'm still kicking.

So for those reasons, and a bunch of others, I've decided to do that today. I dislike long good-byes, and it feels like the right time and place to wrap it up.

In hopes of continuing to help writers I will leave the blog and content up for as long as Google allows that, no one messes with the blog*, and I'm still around to check on it (which I will.) Right now the Blogger help forums say Admin doesn't ever delete inactive blogs, but of course that policy can change whenever Google likes. My heirs can do whatever they want with this stuff when I'm gone. My wish is that it stays free and accessible to everyone, as I've always intended.

My thanks to all of you for being part of Paperback Writer. Every one of you blogging writers who visited were part of my online family, and it was a privilege to be a part of your community. To all of my readers -- what can I say to you to describe what an honor it's been, to write for you? You made my greatest dream come true. All of you -- writers, readers, book lovers and bloggers -- you made my time here at PBW simply joyous.

Please don't be sad about this. Be happy for me. I'm in a wonderful place in my life, and I've finally got the job I've always wanted. Every day is a gift and an adventure for me. Ending PBW is simply me passing the torch to the next generation of writers.

Your turn, folks. Have fun with it. Farewell.

P.S. My last bit of advice? Courier New for WIPs, Times New Roman for final copy.

Added 3/1/21: Since SPAMmers are messing with the comments here now I'm closing them for good.