Saturday, November 20, 2004


I have about ten thousand things to do in the next twenty-eight hours, so I'm outta here. I'll stop in to post a copy of the PR and the interview link here when the site goes live, but it will likely be a few days before I can journal with any frequency or coherency.

Then it's, uh, Thanksgiving? Yep, Thursday. (note to self: Add shopping to the list for tomorrow.) Seems every time I blink the calendar flips.

Nervous, a bit. I just wish I knew if this is going to work the way I think it will. The unknown and I are not on speaking terms. Determined, as always. One does not attempt to climb a cliff this size only to stop in the middle and whine, It's too hard I'm tired I want to go home. Tired, yeah. Tea, bath, bed.

Talk to you when the dust settles and the smoke clears.

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