Monday, November 08, 2004

Monday Ten Things

Links to inspire and delight those who write:

1. Name Generators that not even I would have thought up. Love the header line.

2. My pagan friends will chuckle at this one.

3. New Novelist Software is, evidently, an outline-writing program -- you have to write the actual novel -- but this could be helpful to the outline haters.

4. Wordcounter will help you find the word you've used too often in any given text. Just cut and paste in the box (not a download.)

5. WriteThis is pretty neat and free.

6. The Textalyser is, too.

7. So is Rough Draft.

8. You have to pay $29.95 to get this one, or $49.95 for the multi-pack fantastic offer, but the sidebar has some freebie lists you can access at no charge.

9. Tons more freeware.

10. And this story generator is funny in ways only a romance writer can truly appreciate.

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