Sunday, November 07, 2004

One Final, Election-Related Request

There are people like me with ancestors who served our country during the Civil War, World War I, World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War. It doesn’t end there. My brother served in the Persian Gulf War, and I will have at least two family members serve during the Iraq War; perhaps more. I have absolutely no doubt a member of my family will serve in the next war.

I am also a veteran of the armed forces. I have worn the uniform, and served my country. I was fortunate that I served during a time of relative peace, so I never went to war.

I’ve seen the term “New Confederacy” being used by angry Kerry supporters. I’ve seen the term “Intellectual Nazis” being used by angry Bush supporters. My family served the Old Confederacy, and also fought the German Nazis. I don’t appreciate seeing those terms used as weapons by people who cannot respect the rights of the American people to vote for the candidate they freely choose.

Which is, apparently, half the damn country.

Honestly? I really don’t care who you voted for, and I wouldn’t judge you for your choice. Here’s a shocker: I respect you and your rights. If you voted for who you thought should be President, then you exercised those rights. Congratulations. Good for you. Great that you live in a country where you can do that, isn’t it?

What I care about is my history, and it is mine, because my people were there. History which you’re now dunking in your respective political toilets. Please understand that I totally respect your right to immerse yourself in such waste. Just don’t drag my history down the drain with you.

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