Saturday, November 13, 2004


I did the second e-interview last night. Hard one. The guy's questions had all the soft and fuzzy quality of oncoming highbeams. I was probably a little terse in places when I was biting the inside of my lip and mentally reciting my Be-Water mantra, but I got fairly wordy in others. Answers longer than two words, anyway.

I still can't discuss my books without feeling like a complete jackass, but this time I think I avoided sounding like one.

I was honest without trashing anyone, which was important to me. Once I thought you had to call out "The Emperor is naked!" because the truth outranks hurt feelings. It's actually better to move out of the Kingdom and go live alone in the forest, because one day someone bigger and meaner than you is going to realize what a vain idiot the Emperor is, and will march in, overrun the kingdom and slaughter everyone.

Whoa. I think I just analogized myself into Shrek's best friend.

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