Friday, November 19, 2004

Book Bash

I was hunting around for some industry-related news to link to this morning, but after reading what's out there, I'm a little depressed. Lots of articles bashing the authors of The Nanny Diaries for their second book, and sneering at Lily Tuck for winning the NBA, but not much else.

I feel like giving the entire industry a time out. Where are your manners? I don't care how much you want to play your GameBoy, you go over there and apologize to Lily and those Nanny women and then march straight into your room, buster.

Anyway, some overlooked news: Kevin Boyle also won the NBA for his nonfiction book, Arc of Justice, which examines race and urban conflicts in Jazz-age Detroit. Now this one is a brilliant book which I highly recommend. There is a decent review of it here. Alas, Kevin isn't a woman and he doesn't live in Manhattan, but he is one hell of a historian. Read!

Nathaniel Philbrick, whom I have also been yelling at everyone to read, has a nice $16 trade edition of Sea of Glory out in the book stores. If you have not read In the Heart of the Sea I am simply going to come over to your house and smack you. I've just started Sea of Glory but it is promising to be as good if not better than his NBA winner.

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