Friday, November 19, 2004

Up Creek

The point of no return whizzed past about an hour ago, when I approved the final copy of the site launch press release. It's now queued and ready for transmission on Monday 7 am EST. (I could mess with this if I really wanted to, but it will only wreck things on the PR distributor's end, so I won't.)

Nicole, if you happen to find your way here, thank you again.

The cover flats for If Angels Burn arrived tonight and art-wise, they are gorgeous. The cover is metallic and has embossed title, byline, and flames along the front bottom edge. Brooding and spooky. Best cover I've ever had. Possibly the best I will ever have.

Matches the editor. Bless you, Laura.

I owe Rick Kleffel for putting up with me to do the site launch interview and not snickering a single time. It was probably hard not to. It was rather wonderful to meet such a gentleman. Not sure if he will stop in here either, but if he does, Rick, I'm very grateful.

Judy, Brian and Jordan, my designers (the geniuses behind all this); Lord, what can I say? There simply aren't words. You guys get a page in the book and your pick of any limb you'd like. I really don't recommend the right leg.

Throught this entire experience one person stood by me. She cheered me on, picked me up when I went whomp and kept me from doing dumb things. Wise and wonderful, patient, always there when I need. Thank you, Holly.

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