Wednesday, November 03, 2004


As of this hour, President Bush stands with 254 electoral college votes; Senator Kerry with 252. In keeping with the vicious pettiness of this Presidential campaign, I don't think this is going to be bloodless or over any time soon.

This is a reminder, however, that we are a nation of states. Very different states which all have their own way of doing things and will defend that way if they have to take it to the Supreme Court. The fact that the state of Ohio may be what decides this thing seems an appropriate kick in the backside for both candidates.

I have watched this campaign endanger free speech, independent thought, personal liberty, and the right to freely vote one's conscience. I've observed it turning a lot of allegedly intelligent, gifted people into programmed thugs. I've witnessed a division of Americans by rank and privilege more chilling than any in my life experience.

I've seen aspects from my own science fiction -- intended strictly to be a tongue-in-cheek parody -- becoming reality.

If my grandmother were still alive, she wouldn't be surprised by any of this. She would sit me down, remind me of our history and the fact that our greed will outweigh everything and keep us from destroying ourselves. She'd also smack me for what I call the American people and tell me not to insult the Good Lord's sheep.

Gran, today, I miss you.

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