Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Buying Time

My man goes to get the staples and other assorted gear removed tomorrow at the doctor's, and I'm driving, so I need to get tomorrow's quota done with today's: Minimum 12K on the books, and finalize the proposal to send out.

Thursday I'm spending the morning on a field trip with my daughter, but I can make up the time & quota by working late that night or increasing the wordcount quota for the next day.

Organization and self discipline are largely regarded by many aspiring writers and more than a few professionals as being unnecessary and even the antithesis of the artistic way. Which is really good for me, because while they're not writing so they can talk about suffering for their art, I'm finishing another book.

If you're interesting in becoming more disciplined, I'd recommend you first try to commit to writing time, as in writing every day at a pre-determined hour. Doesn't matter if it's only ten minutes before breakfast, hit the keyboard, and write for that ten minutes. Keep using that time to write, and when you feel comfortable with it, either extend it, or set another chunk of time for writing.

Other time purchase: Received eight minutes of If Angels Burn on audio, read by the voice actor I hired. Beautiful job.

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