Friday, November 12, 2004

T-Minus Ten Days

I've got a web site about to be launched, and today I saw the demo.

People have tried to talk me out of doing this. Everything has been said, from It's too expensive to It won't do anything for the books. The fact that I went and hired the best people in the web design business to create the website didn't go over in some quarters too well. Nothing said to my face, but a general feeling of How dare she do this was clearly conveyed.

You know how well I take direction and follow the rules, right? Yeah. Exactly.

I've never settled for second-rate with my books; I go straight to the top and sell to major publishers or not at all. I wanted to do it once with self-promotion, to see what would happen. And you know what? While I was working on this project, I thought about all the money involved, all the risk, all the potential flack it might generate, and decided it didn't matter. What mattered was doing it right.

It paid off.

The website goes live in ten days, and I can tell you right now: it's going to blow you away.

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