Monday, November 29, 2004


An author interview I'd like to see:

Q: So, you're now writing romance?

A: No. I write fantasy. I don't write or read romance. (sneers on last word)

Q: But you sold this book to the largest romance publisher in the world.

A: Yes, but the (insert imprint) is strictly fantasy. No romance. It is not a romance.

Q: But it's being marketed as romance, and shelved in romance, and the spine says romance.

A: That's merely marketing ploys. (sniffs) My novel is not a romance, it's a fantasy.

Q: But your plot follows the relationship arc between a male and female character.

A: That's just part of the plot. (makes dismissive gesture) Not the whole plot. Not even half of the plot.

Q: Characters who fall in love. And live happily ever after. How about that part?

A: (face reddens)Didn't you read my book? I have magic! I have unnatural creatures! I have authentic Celtic spells! It's a fantasy!

Q: You really have a problem with romance, don't you?

A: (glaring)I told you, I don't read romance. Or write it.

Q: So, okay. Um, did you read the review Romantic Times wrote about your book?

A: (leaves the room.)

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