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Sub Ops Ten

Ten Things About Submission Opportunities

Alive Now is a "devotional magazine that nurtures the spiritual lives of individuals hungry for God. The magazine invites readers to enter an ever-deepening relationship with God, helps them to open and unclutter their hearts, encourages them to reflect on contemporary issues from a faith perspective. Each issue of this bimonthly, 48-page magazine focuses on a contemporary topic that impacts the faith life. Readers are drawn into the theme and invited to deepen their relationship with God and others. The magazine may be used by individuals or in small groups. The magazines contain scripture, prayers, meditations, stories, poetry, reflection aids, photographs, and art. Each issue identifies a prayer practice related to that issue’s theme. Seasonal material, both theological and liturgical, is appropriate." Length: 400 words (firm), Payment: "$35.00 and up", query on reprints, electronic and snail mail submissions okay, see guidelines for more details.

Crossed Genres magazine is now open for submissions of themed fiction: "Each month CG Magazine has a new genre or theme. Short story submissions must combine elements of either Science Fiction and/or Fantasy with the current theme. Current theme (August/September 2012): BOUNDARIES. Boundaries are physical, psychological, emotional, and imaginary. Who we are can often be defined by how we respond to perceived boundaries – accept them; ignore them; sidestep them; confront them. Where do the boundaries we encounter shape the boundaries of our selves?" Length: 1-6K firm; Payment: "We pay 5¢ per word for fiction. Authors will also receive a gratis print and ebook copy of the anthology in which their story appears." No reprints, electronic submissions only, see guidelines for more details. Reading period for the current theme ends September 30th, 2012.

Deep Set Press is looking for "literary genre" novel submissions; Length: 25-125K, Payment: according to they pay 50% of gross, no reprints, electronic submissions only. I'm not seeing a lot of details on their web site submission guidelines at all so you might want to query them first or ask around and get more info before you submit.

Galileo Games has an open call for their upcoming charity anthology, The Lost ~ A Kingdom of Nothing Anthology: "Are you a writer who can write compelling stories with interesting characters? Can you create memorable characters who shine from the page? Do you want to participate in an anthology where the profits will go towards charity? Then you may be interested in submitting to The Lost, an anthology with fiction based on the game, Kingdom of Nothing. We are looking for fiction from writers in the fantasy and literary genre who are interested in writing moving stories about characters that have lost everything. Submissions to The Lost must have strong, character-focused stories. Fantasy, surrealism, a literary approaches are all welcome. The Lost are stories that take place in the slums and back alleys all over the world. These stories will tell of a malignant force born out of apathy and fed by despair that swallows everyone who slips though the cracks. Writers familiar with the setting of Kingdom of Nothing are preferred. Proceeds from sales of The Lost will go to Food Bank for New York City," Length: 2-8K; Payment: $100.00; no mention on reprints (kinda doubt they'd take them for this project, but query if you've already published with them), electronic submissions only, see guidelines for more details. Deadline: September 1st, 2012.

Kazka Press has an open call for their upcoming fantasy/California themed anthology: "Here at the Kaz, were looking to combine two of the things we love the most: fantasy fiction and California. Thus, we’re opening up a call for fantasy (not science fiction…sorry) short stories about California–specifically about Californian counties–with a historical fiction bent. Here’s what we mean: There are 58 counties in California. Each has a history–a real history free of dragons and sorceresses and enchanted forests, which is a real shame. So, we want you to remix some part of the real history of a Californian county with fantasy fiction. For example, did griffins really help miners in Nevada County, California transport their gold to market? What role did telepathy have in opening up Monterey County, California to exploration? You see our idea. Fantasy + a county in California. Just shy away from libel. In your story, you must tackle the history of only one county in California. You, as the writer, will be the spokesperson, as you will be the only writer for that county’s history–if your story is selected, of course. Think of it as a fun research project. That said, if we get two stories about, say, San Diego County, we’ll be publishing the stronger one, so consider a story about one of the lesser known counties to up your chances of inclusion in this anthology. Maybe Yolo? Plumas? Modoc? Oh, and time for the one really anal-retentive, this-is-to-enfore-the-editor’s-worldview rule: if your story says that places like San Francisco or Monterey or San Jose are in Northern California, your story will be scowled at and edited. Northern California means from the west in Sonoma to the east in Alpine and the way north to the Oregon border. Anything south of those counties is not Northern California. Not. No matter what people say. So spaketh the editor." Length: "500-5,000 words. Anything over 5,000 will be considered, but you will be paid a flat rate of $50 if accepted." Payment: "1 cent a word + 1 contributors copy (eBook in .epub or .pdf format (and print copy if we print it))." No reprints, electronic submissions via online form only, see guidelines for more details. Deadline: September 30th, 2012.

Obsidian River is looking for steampunk stories: "Obsidian River is seeking Steampunk themed fiction. Steampunk, in our definition, involves periods of history re-imagined with advanced technology. Technology should be big, steam powered, clock-work and NOT subtle. Magic may have a presence in stories we publish but it should play a smaller and more subtle role in the worlds you are creating." Length: not specified; Payment: $10.00 (PBW notes: they are very upfront about advising writers that they will be selling their first electronic rights for what is a very modest/token payment; this is the kind of ethical warning I like to see from an online publisher); no mention of if they accept reprints (I'd query first); electronic submissions only, see guidelines for more details.

Persimmon Tree magazine only accepts submissions of fiction and nonfiction written by women over the age of sixty, and are looking for "work that reveals rich experience and a variety of perspectives. Each issue of the magazine will include several fiction and nonfiction pieces, poetry by one or more poets, and the work of one visual artist. The magazine is published quarterly, in association with Mills College." Length: up to 3.5K. No mention of payment so you should query first, no reprints, electronic submissions only, see guidelines for more details.

I found an open call for an antho here that doesn't offer a lot of info but sounds like it might be interesting to those of you who have body art: "Tattoos have been in existence for centuries, from the indigenous people of Japan to tribal people of Polynesia, Philippines, and Borneo. They are markers of time, rites of passage, symbols, remembrances, and sometimes, stupid decisions made on drunken nights. They are everywhere—under the white sleeve of a co-worker, sneakily peeking out of a shirt collar, up and down muscled legs and arms of athletes. There has been a proliferation of reality shows centered in tattoo parlors. What once was a subculture has now emerged as mainstream. Yet, in the literary landscape, there has been a conspicuous absence of writing about tattoos. The editors of the tentatively titled anthology, Sins & Needles—Ira Sukrungruang and Jim Miller—are looking for personal nonfiction narratives about the meaning behind the tattoo. Please send 500-3000 word essays in a PDF or Word document file via our submission manager." (Note: there is no other information about payment and such so do be cautious with this one.)

Suddenly Lost in Words is looking for: "the best in writing for young adults (13+) from both established and up-and-coming writers. Any genre. We pay professional rates. Selected works will appear in eBook releases to be sold through Amazon and Barnes & Noble. WHAT WE ARE LOOKING FOR: Original writing not previously published. Short stories, memoirs, and longer works that can be serialized. Writing that is free from gore, porn, profanity, racism, preaching and politics." Length: up to 3K (firm); Payment: "5 cents per word for First Worldwide Electronic Rights and First Serial Rights. Payment is made upon publication." Obviously no reprints, electronic submission via online form only, see guidelines for more details.

Vishnu Temple Press has an open call for essays for an anthology themed on hiking in the Grand Canyon: "We are interested in writing that conveys the sights and sounds, the texture and spirit of that place, and the richness of your immersion. We are open to all kinds of approaches, including writing that depicts: the sensory experience of a Canyon hike; close encounters with flora and fauna, rock and water; the specifics of particular places; interactions with other humans, present or past; adventures and discoveries; physical and psychological challenges, and their surmounting; new or renewed perspectives that arise from a Canyon immersion. No poetry or fiction please." Length: up 6K; Payment: "Contributing authors will receive two copies of the book and may purchase additional copies at a 50% discount." Reprints okay, electronic and snail-mail submissions, see guidelines for more details. Deadline: December 31st, 2012.


  1. The California themed one is perfect! I love this state, and grew up in one of the more obscure, farm counties. I've noticed a lot of my fiction winds up happening in the State.

    Thanks for the great recommendation!

  2. Thanks for advertising the California Cantata. We've gotten a few great stories, and we're looking for more! Open until the end of September!


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