Thursday, August 09, 2012

This and That

After several requests came in for advance reading copies of my December release Nightbred I checked with my editor, and it turns out that my publisher will not be printing any this time around. Instead NAL will be placing the novel up on Net Galley, which I'm told hands out e-book versions for reviewers and bloggers. I don't know how difficult it is to use this service, as I buy all the books I talk about here on the blog, but I'm sure you techno-savvy folks know all about it.

It's a little sad to see the end of printed ARCs, although it will be nice not to see them being sold on eBay or by used booksellers on Amazon for ridiculous prices. I've heard some authors get permission to print their own ARCs via short run printers, but at present I don't have the time or the room in the budget for that. I've done my own photocopied, unbound galleys in the past but they're a bit cumbersome.

I'm planning to do some online giveaways for Nightbred during mid-to-late November, and for these I'll use signed copies of the final edition (this assuming my author copies come in earlier than the release date.) It will also mean I have to do the promo a few weeks later than I'd planned, but this is part of the E-future, and it's time I got in step with it.

I've also received several e-mails from readers who noted the BBC's coverage of the unique tomb burial discovered beneath the ruins of Templo Mayor in Mexico City and how closely it resembles the tomb in my novel Nightshine.

It's not the first time my fiction has pre-empted fact, and I do understand why it kind of weirds out everyone when it does. While the newly-uncovered tomb is in the same (okay, the exact same) location of the fictional tomb of Sokojotsin in my book, which I wrote two years ago, no psychic visions on my part were involved. I attribute the coincidence to a lucky combination of research and imagination. I spent months studying the history of the Aztecs, their culture and how they lived in preparation for writing Nightshine.

As for the specific reasons I chose Templo Mayor as the not-quite-final resting place of this character, there were two: 1) it was one of the most important temples in Tenochtitlan, and 2) it was actually destroyed by the Spanish exactly when I needed it to be destroyed to fit in with the character's storyline. That archaeologists have now uncovered a significant burial beneath the same temple in the real world is yes, simply an odd coincidence, nothing more. I can tell you with 100% confidence that they won't find in their tomb what I put in mine in the novel.


  1. I can tell you with 100% confidence that they won't find in their tomb what I put in mine in the novel.


  2. Nice covers for your books. Just thought I'd let you know.

    I also like e-books a lot, so it doesn't bother me so much when I don't see as many paperbacks. Unfortunately, for me, I read books so much that they fall apart all the time. My e-reader was the first time I got to read a book a lot and not need to buy a new copy after awhile.

  3. I use NetGalley, and while they don't get to sit on my bookshelf afterwards, it's quite convenient because I can read them anywhere, even on my phone when I don't have my eReader about. So, that's not such bad news :). Also, if they don't approve the request, you don't get a copy, so it's not like there will be unlimited copies just because it's electronic.

    And that's great about the tomb. Makes you remember that time is cyclical.

  4. Netgalley works if you meet the guidelines for requesting galleys/ARCs. I dropped it over a year ago because I am not a "recognized" reviewer and more and more of my requests were being denied. When I review now, I only review what I've purchased myself. I am semi-retired from reviewing anyway so it doesn't matter in my case. I always prefer to read in ebook. I can't remember when was the last time I read in print, have to admit.

    1. I didn't know they discriminate against people who don't fit their guidelines, which is sad, because I think readers who aren't in it to make money are the most trustworthy (and online that's usually the small/independent/non-profit blogger.)

    2. Different publishers have different guidelines. Really what the guidelines are for is to make sure people are getting the review copies to review them, not just as a way of getting free reads. For example, Harlequin has some of the strictest rules because so many people request their titles. At the same time, sometimes they put up titles that are open to any NetGalley member. I don't review professionally, but I review what I enjoy on my blog and cross post to GoodReads and LibraryThing. I do this to share the books I like, and it's enough that I've been approved for most of the titles I've requested...just not from Harlequin :).

    3. I don't read HQ, the increasing number of rejections I received were from a few of the big name print houses. I got bored of getting denials and I unsubbed after looking at the guidelines of the pubs I actually was interested in, and realizing that I didn't match. Personally speaking, it turned into an exercised in futility for me to try and stay. Again, this was over a year ago, so things may have changed. I am too little in the big scheme of things, plus I have been reviewing even less and less, so in truth, it makes sense that they'd rather give their ARCs to people that review on a regular basis. Though I have to admit that, when I left, I was pretty annoyed. Now, I am fine with that. I review when I feel like it and without feeling any sort of pressure as I don't owe anything to anyone.

  5. I've been using Net Galley for the past few weeks and it's pretty cool. Looking forward to it and if you know when it goes up, let us know so we can request it!

  6. I spent so much time staring at the cover that I had to read your post twice. Now I have to go find out more about Templo Mayor.

  7. Fran Kane12:04 PM

    I echo Darlene's sentiment - I just love the cover of that book. Very handsome - where can I get one? Ah the fantasy but you know what? Fransworld is full of such hotness and I really enjoy living there. Sometimes though I have to return to the real world ...

  8. Yea! That's great news for me since I have a Net Galley account. It's not that difficult to get an account but I agree that some publishers are fussier than others. So far Grand Central Publishing has been the best - they usually say yes to anything I request. I can't remember whether or not I've been able to get books from NAL before - I hope I can. Usually any time you do a giveaway I miss it and I'm kicking myself.


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