Wednesday, August 29, 2012

About the BookLoop

With my last giveaway of Rob Thurman's All Seeing Eye I included for each winner one of my BookLoops, the design I came up with last summer when I decided to reinvent the bookmark. Recently I made a bunch to play with different types of anchors, and since I have more than I can ever possibly use I thought they'd be a cool little surprise to tuck in the packages.

Two people who received the BookLoops have already asked about them, and since some of you weren't around when I came up with the idea I thought I'd restate my intentions -- I originally shared the project so other people would use it to make their own. If you like the idea, please feel free to use my design to make your own BookLoops, improve on the design, give them as gifts, use them for promo, sell them as crafts, or whatever you like. It's also a great project for kids because they're uber-simple to make.

For more details about the design, here are the two posts on PBW I've written about the BookLoop:

Reinventing the BookMark Idea #3

Improving the BookLoop


  1. Fran K5:02 AM

    Hi Lynn, glad you're OK. Good luck to everyone else fighting off Isaac.

    I was lucky enough to receive a book loop with my ARC of Nightshine and its fantastic. Very pretty but functional too. You are so creative, I envy that.

    You actually influenced me to try my hand at knitting again and I'm delighted to say I've nearly finished my first item. Thank you.

  2. Awesome. I want one of these.


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