Thursday, August 23, 2012

Watch & Prepare

Twenty years ago Hurricane Andrew forced me to relocate -- twice -- with a newborn baby. Now we have this one to worry about:

The National Hurricane Center has all the latest on Tropical Storm Isaac, and vital information here on how to prepare for the storm if you live in the strike zone.


  1. I hope that everyone stays safe from the storm.

  2. Fran K5:18 AM

    Good luck with that!

    Living in the UK we don't worry about hurricanes, tornados and earthquakes for which I am truely grateful, so I wish you all the very best dealing with that Andrew.

    Getting my son Andrew off to university in September is beginning to feel just as stressful though less dangerous!

  3. I'm keeping my fingers crossed it shifts west for you all (you, my MIL, my uncle, my friends in the panhandle, etc.). I've heard Texas needs moisture, so maybe if we all think real hard it'll head that way. ;o)

    Hang in there, Lynn. :hugs:

  4. I know you guys are old pros at preparation and you have your go bags ready but will still worry about you. Stay safe.

  5. Shiloh12:49 PM

    Stay safe...

  6. I hate to sound flippant, but I live in the strike zone (or at least, what it was yesterday), and that makes me unworried. I seem to be an anti-hurricane magnet. Whenever one seems to be aimed right at me, it always veers off. Charlie did that a few years ago at the last possible minute.
    They've done some damage to loved ones, though, so I agree with being prepared. Maybe we can all think really hard at this one to turn into a long gentle rain over Texas.

    Stay safe!

  7. Anonymous1:16 PM

    I will be hoping for a change of course. Be safe.

  8. Anne V.2:21 PM

    Thank you fionaphoenix! I live in the drought/wildfire zone in Far West Texas and that would be an ideal situation for us all. The water tables out here could really use a gentle replenish! I'm sure plenty of people in the strike zone would agree-including certain authors!

  9. And this is why I moved to the other side of the country

  10. You've been on my mind while I've watched that hurricane grown. Stay safe.


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