Friday, August 03, 2012

Your Olympic Body Double

This is fun -- the BBC is giving us all a chance to live vicariously as Olympians by offering this body matching generator which tells you based on your height and weight which athelete at the games you are most like (in shape, obviously, not in fitness.)

I plugged in my stats and found out I have a Brit twin:

I've no idea what handball is, but now I'll have to find out. So who is your body double at the games? Let us know in comments.

(BBC link filched from The Presurfer)


  1. Fran Kane3:54 AM

    Well! For some reason my 160cm height & 85kg weight (yep - fat, fat, fat!!) equate to a water polo play by the name of Ed Scott who is 197cm tall. At least we're the same weight - ha! Maybe I need to take up water polo...

  2. Jessica Ennis from Great Britain, in the hurdles and heptathlon.

    Fran, I have played water polo. It was fun. Vicious but fun.

  3. My body double is a male archer. Huh. Guessing he's not lactating...

  4. I got a Chilean weightlifter, which does not surprise me at all. She's three inches taller than me, but I was too uhhh non-slender to match with a gymnast. Haha. Short, sturdy farmgirl, that's me. :-)

  5. Oh my, at 1.75m and 57kg, I matched with a S. Korean (male) walker. Um... Okay...

  6. An Italian trapp shooter. :)

    Not so bad, I do some shooting, though not trapp. When it comes to fitness, I suppose I could compete with some German swimmers - their performance during the games has been abysmal.

  7. My counterpart is a male gymnastic, me who would do anything to skip gym class when I was young.


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