Friday, August 31, 2012

Must Chuckle

Today we must laugh, for it is the Friday of a three-day weekend and we want to start things off right, yes?

I usually dodge anything to do with that boobonic plague known as American politics, but this is simply too perfect for even me to resist. So now that I have my candidate, I just need a T-shirt (pretty sure I'll need one for Kris Reisz, too.)

I also absolutely loved this clever video (and its utterly adorable, geeky-hot presenter) from which details all the benefits of the next big thing in reading technology, the Bio Optical Organized Knowledge device (in Spanish, with English subtitles):

What's made you laugh lately? Let us know in comments.


  1. Fran K5:18 AM


    I never knew my love of books would turn me into an eco-warrior, but what a wonderful spin. And yep, geeky presenter is a cutie.

  2. Cthulhu 2012! What a brilliant idea. Plus, if you go to his website, you'll see he's tough on the issues. I'd vote for him - even if he does wish to ultimately eat us all.

    Thanks for the chuckle. I needed that. =o)

  3. Shelley9:14 AM

    Recently I have been following Texts from My Dog. Fair waring - not work safe mainly due to the swearing.

  4. Really clever video. I laughed out loud when the presenter did the bookmark part...

  5. This week, I discovered the site I Waste So Much Time (link below), which of course has been created for writers on deadline. I am addicted.

    PBW, here's something from IWSMT that you might like: The Steampunk Fairy:

  6. Reba, I love the steampunk fairy. Thanks.


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