Monday, August 20, 2012

Artsy Ten

Ten Things About Online Art Resources

Architect Studio 3D is part online game, part hands-on tutorial, part guided experience in architectural designing. A virtual cartoon version of Frank Lloyd Writer offers advice and helps you choose a client, location, and build what they want (requires shockwave.)

Art cyclopedia offers a search engine where you can look for fine art online by artist's name, the artwork;s title or a particular museum.

If you want to learn an artistic technique but can't afford to take a class, check out the free video tutorials at ArtMaker.

Art Promote is "a free online service that provides access to fine and decorative art images, online exhibitions, and related resources for research and education. Search or browse over 200 categories with more than 5,000 entries organized by theme, region, period, movement, medium, and resource type. All collections and exhibitions presented by ArtPromote are freely available online."

Colour Lovers is a creative community website where you can view, post and discuss all your favorite palettes, and see what other artists are working on.

The Graffti Creator is a free online flash generator that allows you to create and customize your own virtual graffiti.

My latest internet art addiction is Myoats, an online art generator that helps you create (and even better, edit) beautiful mandala/snowflake/spirograph-type images.'s The Scribbler will generate a sketch based on whatever you draw on the whiteboard.

Street Art View is a collaborative web site devoted to showcasing street art found via Google's street view; excellent if you want to see real-world street art. Here's my personal favorite by Keith Haring:

Tuxpi Photo Editor offers 58 different photo editing tools you can use online with an uploaded image.

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