Sunday, June 26, 2005


All of the bribes are in, so it's time to announce the winners of the Bam MacBride contest:

Jim for his entry, "Grendel slashed my wrists today..."

Darren Wheatley for his entry, MacYoda.

Well done, guys, and congratulations. You each win a brand-new U.S. edition of Cold Granite by Stuart MacBride. Send your promised payoffs and snail mail addresses to me at

One of our contestants decided to take herself out of the contest so she wouldn't get sued because she wanted to give someone else the chance to win, and told me she had already planned to buy Cold Granite when it hits the stores in her town.

Well, we can't allow that kind of extreme generosity to go unchallenged, so Ms. Tam, I'm sending you my reading copy of Cold Granite (the cat hair, tea stains and crayon scribbles no extra charge), and you also score a signed UK edition whenever the Brits get around to shipping them to me.

Thanks to all for helping me torment the Scot.

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