Monday, June 06, 2005

Nosy Ten

Ten Things that We'd Love to Know

1. How can those of us who are chained to our bread machines clone James?

2. Who is M.J.'s handsome friend?

3. If we all get together and pay Monica $100K, think we could make her keep this promise?

4. Why anyone would name their blog I Was Hitler's Wet Nurse?

5. Who finally showed C.J. Cherryh how to code paragraph breaks (actually, we'd just like to give him/her a big sloppy kiss of gratitude.)

6. How Trace managed not to kill Ken and his pals -- and what were they doing in the basement?

7. Where is Jimmy Hoffa buried? (even the pros want to know)

8. How we all knew Alison was going places, even way back when.

9. Who nicked John's only tube of toothpaste? (Donations to buy him another are being coordinated.)

10. Will a certain blogger ever publicly admit that she is, in fact, Angelina Jolie?


  1. 11. And will poor Bare Rump, the 8 foot tarantula from Arupulis, finally find something better to eat than tofu wraps?

  2. heheheheeeeee thanks for the laugh sheila!

  3. Anonymous1:25 PM

    Hitler's Wet Nurse has some seriously messed up posts... Again, you astound me.

  4. Re #5 - OMG. That's some serious eyestrain. whoever it is deserves a big sloppy kiss, and one of James' loaves of bread.

    re #10. Not. Even. Close. lol.


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