Wednesday, June 22, 2005

BAM Truly Delivers

My friendly online BAM came through for me, and as of this moment I possess three brand new (unsigned) copies of Mr. MacBride's elusive novel, Cold Granite, version U.S.A.

Nice jacket photo, Stuart. Wait a minute, is that a scarf around your neck? Geez, what's next, a bottle green Jag in the background?

To further needle the author, I'm going to have a contest and give away* two of my copies to a couple of you faithful PBW readers. To enter: post your best imitation of Mr. MacBride on a bad day in comments -- no bleeding eyelid pics, please -- by midnight EST on Friday, 6/24/05. Winners to be announced on Sunday, 6/26/05, by noon EST.

Remember that my teleportation powers are limited, so I'll need a snail mail address from the two winners.

*Giveaway open to everyone on this planet; all I ask is that you please live in a country that doesn't regularly seize packages from the U.S.


  1. Anonymous2:06 AM

    When I first saw Stuart's authorial pics, I knew I'd seem him before....

    Me thinks the giggles are for the weasel on crack.

    er.... something ;)

    (and, sorry, I couldn't get the HTML to work to leave a link!)

  2. OK - now I don't like any of you any more.

  3. Actually, the scarf is due to me being up to my knees in snow at the time, very atmospheric the whole thing was, until they cut out all the atmospheric bits and just left the hairy potato face.

    Still, such is life.

  4. It looks like Tam and Jim have already set the bar very high.

    I wouldn't stoop to such things myself. I mean, I already have Cold Granite.

  5. I always wondered how America would deal with the coming of Mr MacBride, but never in my wildest dreams did I think it would be this.

    It would, of course, be unfair of me to participate in this competition, since I've known the accused for far too long to admit*

    Also, I've already got a signed galley proof edition and one of only two copies of CG in existence with a picture of Harold the Tyrannosaurus Rex in it.

    So there.

    *Jim - you forgot to put in any footnotes.

  6. AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! JIM!!!! I can't possibly top Jim in this competition. That was the BEST!! I'm still laughing my ass off at my desk!!

  7. Anonymous11:02 AM

    John Rickards John Rickards John Rickards. John Rickards John Rickards John Rickards. John Rickards John Rickards John Rickards. Beards rule.

  8. There's something very unsettling about seeing John Rickards spelled out a dozen times. Like being set upon by an army of crack-crazed weasels riding on the backs of homicidal badgers.

    Damn, wrong blog.

  9. I hate you all.

    But I’ll forgive you in my magnanimity, for I have done the deed of DOOM!

  10. It's like a Candyman thing. Say it often enough into a mirror and I appear and gut you with a razor-edged badger.

  11. Anonymous3:33 PM

    My Photoshop skills are a bit weak, but here goes:




  12. Hm, since Stuart hates people who poke fun at him I've to consider what I value higher, his estimation or a copy of his book.

    I think I settle for his estimation. And that has nothing to do with the fact that I'm afraid he might send Grendel over to place some mice at my backdoor.

    It has, however, to do with the fact that I don't have Photoshop.

  13. Anonymous12:12 AM

    I can see him as one of the cowboys from the wild wild west ( )... or maybe as one of the pirates from "Pirates of the Caribbean" *laughs* Just take off the glasses and add an eyepatch.

    All in fun Mr. MacBride! *grins* Besides, I really want to read the novel! But, yes, not as good as Tam, Jim or Darren. *hats off*

  14. Anonymous7:17 PM

    How about these...

    When he doesn't like the review.... image

    America... here I come.... image

    Okay, I'm going to stop now... 8-)



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