Saturday, June 11, 2005

Blog round up

On the reviews front:
Jennifer Weiner 1, Curtis Sittenfeld goose egg.

Alison Kent posts the latest update in the RWA standards debacle. I'm trying to follow the logic here, which is apparently: 1) Acts of censorship temporarily suspended. 2) We're going to form a committee to look into this, girls. 3) Acts of censorship reinstated. 4) PBW needs an aspirin.

Stuart MacBride blows his chance at RWA linkage. There may be S&M involved here, too; that bra looks damn uncomfortable.

Shannon Stacey is getting very poetic. If she starts chain smoking, moves to Soho and hangs out with an unemployed French performance artist named Arnaud, we'll have to do an intervention.


  1. Believe it or not, the Triumph Doreen is the bestselling bra in the world. And it's called 'Doreen'.

  2. Anonymous10:02 AM

    I had a friend in high school named Doreen. Nice girl, but she didn't look like that.

    Why is there a big green block over the graphic now? Did RWA threaten to send some thugs after you?

  3. That's a pretty bra. I'll have to check it out.

    And to get such info from a man - the world has changed a bit, lol.

    Except RWA. My mother could run that one. Except that she has no English which is an advantage - I don't want her to see some of the scenes in my NiPs, and that isn't even Romance.

  4. Anonymous11:04 AM

    Why is there a big green block over the graphic now?

    Never mind, it went away.

  5. I feel like I'm living in a game of Pong. (shaking head)


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