Monday, June 20, 2005

Building Ten

Ten Things to Help & Inspire Site Builders

1. Chris Locke's article Cheap Thrills for the Beer-Budget Blogger -- tools and tips from the BlogMaster (via Mandarin Design)

2. Don -- very talented artist and designer with an incredible portfolio.

3. Free Photo -- when you need an image but you dropped the digital camera in the dog's water bowl.

4. Free -- "free online/offline tools, such as: flash generators, javascript generators, graphic generators, html code generators, calculators or translators, color charts, dhtml/css geneartors, system info tools, code validation, code convertors and more."

5. Fresh -- view and download all kinds of templates.

6. The Vampyricon -- the official website for author Douglas Clegg's new dark fantasy series (before you link hop around, watch the top of the page.)

7. From, an index of creative and inspirational websites -- check these out to see other great ideas (found Don Barnett's site here.)

8. Templates -- more free templates.

9. Templates -- if you don't like what you see over at #8.

10. WebMasters -- lots of freebies, downloads and other things for you Masters of the Web.


  1. I love your top ten lists.

  2. Thanks for these. A couple months ago I promised to do a Back To School class for FM on basic website building. Haven't had the time to get started on it, but I have been collecting good links :).

  3. Anonymous9:32 AM -- more free photos

  4. Anonymous9:34 AM -- more free photos


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