Thursday, June 23, 2005


Beyond Varallan German lang edition

Another great cover from Germany. I may have to immigrate.


  1. Anonymous11:56 PM

    I love these covers! I think that you should steal some and bring them to us! *laughs*

  2. Anonymous4:17 AM

    >Germany. I may have to immigrate

    Better avoid the beer, then, or the States will lose you. It's a good cover.

  3. Anonymous5:01 AM

    I actually saw the first in the series in the bookshop a few weeks ago. Always makes me smile. It was already turned out, btw, or I would've done it. ;)


  4. I agree with Zornhau. Our beer is addictive.

    It's a nice cover indeed. And if Jeri's place has turned it out, I'll go and check if they have here, too. :)

  5. Anonymous10:25 AM

    German covers always seem to be best. Isn't there any way you can get German cover art commissioned for US releases?

  6. Anonymous10:44 AM

    I know what you mean about the quality of beer. My guy spent three years in Germany back in the seventies, and he still can't drink the American stuff.

    Deuz m.a. wrote: Isn't there any way you can get German cover art commissioned for US releases?

    Author Douglas Clegg did this with his first Vamyricon novel, and I'm seriously tempted. This artist would be right at the top of my commission list. Since I'm about to finish writing my last SF novel under contract, I'd best try selling something first.

  7. Anonymous11:12 AM

    Actually, the convenience food is pretty good too. Deli quality salami served with a tiny square of bread. 2 weeks in German and I lost weight! Atkins country, I guess...

  8. Ugh. I vastly prefer the U.S. covers. Not only do they represent the books better (with the characters up and front) but this German cover remindsme of covers done by small press out here in the U.S.

  9. This cover art seems kind of anonymous to me, as if it could belong to any space-type science fiction novel. Do you know if it was actually created for this particular novel? (My one and only foreign edition reused artwork from another romance-- a Western romance cover, complete with blue jeans, which looked kind of odd on an 18th-century Virginia romance... but maybe Italians are a little fuzzy on American history.) I think this is a fairly common practice on foreign editions, although I could certainly be wrong. At any rate, I'm not totally blown away by this artwork... it just doesn't really stand out to me.

    And slightly OT, I just read STARDOC and liked it very much.

  10. Anonymous3:54 AM

    Maybe, but have you seen Holly's German covers? They rock my face.


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