Sunday, June 26, 2005

Shriek of Joy

There's a new Pride and Prejudice movie on the way. (Other rabid P&P fans, go hug Sara Donati for posting the news and link on her blog.)


  1. I'm really looking forward to seeing it. I'm such a sucker for those type of movies.

  2. Anonymous6:08 PM

    Kiera's a good actress. I'll give her the benefit of the doubt.
    Donald Sutherland as Mr. Bennett? Can't quite see it...
    Judy Densch as Lady Catherine? Yeaahhh!!
    No Colin Firth? No Colin Firth??!

  3. Anonymous6:47 PM

    Seriously, this news made my day. Which just goes to show exactly how pathetic my life has become, I suppose. LOL. Nonetheless, I'm so excited!!


  4. Anonymous10:44 AM

    I almost had the chance to see this a few months ago. The husband snagged preview screening tickets, but when we got to the theatre, we were far back enough in line that "our demographic" was filled and we were turned away. Seems they were looking for Men 18-39. This led to a riff on whether or not Jerry Bruckheimer was a producer and maybe it was going to be renamed "Pride and Extreme Prejudice" with Bruce Willias as Mr. Darcy to bring in the male audience.

  5. Saw the trailer. There are so many hot actors, why must they pick such an un-hot one for Darcy? *grumbles "I want my eye candy"* :)

    And Keira - well, as Gunivere she was the wrong choice, she could never have drawn a bow or wield a sword with those skinny arms, but as Lizzy that sort of things isn't required, so maybe ...

  6. Anonymous11:40 AM

    I'll hold judgement off until I see it, but I seriously doubt it will hold up much against the BBC Adaptation of a few years ago(which I have on DVD now, yay!) I mean, the series basically gave it 10 hours, with high quality production values, good locations, and brilliant lead actors.

    I don't really know what hollywood actors could bring to that, but we shall see.

  7. Anonymous12:08 PM

    I've worn out two copies of the A&E mini-series so I'm in Zeek's corner on version preference. Still, I love the look of this new one, and I'm keeping an open mind.

  8. Oh thanks so much for this. I've got my head in the sand and hadn't heard. I've tried every once in a while to recapture my favorite books from my youth. Pride and Prejudice is one of the few that I actually continue to enjoy. Rereading is a rare thing for me, but I'm easily into my 3-4th reread.

    /me mutters about to be read piles and tries to suppress a desperate desire to pick up Pride and Prejudice instead :).

  9. Anonymous12:42 AM

    Wow--the movie litterally looks gritty with the somber lighting and clothing. The dialogoue doesn't seem straight from the book either. My overwhelming impression is a poor man's version of a sumptuous adaptation like the A&E one, but I suppose the target audience won't care about how this movie compare with past one.

    I'll watch the movie regardless, but it won't likely displace my two favorite productions: the A&E adapatation and the 40s movie with Garson and Olivier.

  10. Zolah, the film setting is late Georgian, which fits in with a period when the author wrote the story.


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