Sunday, June 12, 2005


I'd like to take a moment to lobby those RWA members who will be voting on the graphical standards in the near future. Wording is everything, and can be applied to a much broader range of images than you think.

Take the hands or mouth covering naked female breasts portion of the standard, for example. A hand on, covering, pressed against or otherwise engaged with a naked breast is unacceptable, correct? Then this image might be considered too graphic for RWA linkage:

PBW & Son

Admittedly, I could have dressed more decently, but I'm a big girl and I have a hard time finding bathing suits that fit on the top as well as the bottom. Also, crazy me, I don't wear turtlenecks in the pool. I would have no problem posting a photo like this on my web site; my hair could be better but I think it's cute. Yet technically speaking, the image does show a hand (of my one month old son) on my (partially) naked breast.

Please be careful what you vote for, ladies.


  1. Definite point. (BTW, I like your hair in the picture, too. :)

    It seems like, in general, far too people who vote for things don't pay attention to exact wording. I think many of them would be horrified at the lengths to which their rules could be taken; from my understanding, given the letters and such from RWA that have been forwarded of late (which I'm pretty sure you've seen), it sounds like they didn't intend the standards to be so unlimited. Hopefully they'll manage to clear it up; 'course, given committees are involved, the likelihood of that may be pretty slim. Crossing fingers, though. Can't hurt. :)

    Oh, and as an interesting sidenote ... did you know a Google search for "RWA erotica controversy" brings up your blog as the third result? *g*

  2. Anonymous3:15 AM

    OMG there's a half-boobie on the Internet!

  3. Anonymous3:33 AM

    I think the covering of bare-breasted statues depicting Liberty by 'our' own attorney-general pretty well said it all.

    Oh, and until you DO find a suitable turtle-necked swimsuit, you'll have to de-link that kid.


  4. Didn't realise you were such a fox! Grrrrrr...

  5. Anonymous7:48 AM

    Was a fox, Stuart. The baby in the picture is now taller than me, shaves, and has a girlfriend. There are a lot more miles on the chassis now.

    Another bit of trivia: the photo was taken in Daytona Beach after we were evacuated from our vacation place on Sanibel Island. While me and the kid were swimming in the hotel pool, Hurricane Andrew was busy destroying south Florida.

  6. Excellent example of how these things can get out of hand very quickly.

  7. damn, didn't even notice the naked boob because, as always with them pornographic pictures, I focussed on the male.

    That's one cute dude. Love the chins.


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