Wednesday, June 15, 2005


Romance Novel
Author/Publisher: Withheld by Request
Trade Paperback, U.S., $14.00 cover price
Distribution: National
Publication: 10/01/04
Advance: $17,500.00
Royalties: 7.5%
Current sold to date: 20,022
Reserved against returns: 12,876
Current returns: 270
Author earnings to date: $20,732.12


  1. Anonymous10:52 AM

    Is $14 for a paperback normal in the romance arena? Seems like twice the going rate for other fiction, but I'm not in that market.

    For that matter, are all the numbers in this report standard for a romance book or is this unusual in some way?

    Thanks for posting this kind of information. It helps those of us just starting to navigate the whole world of publishing figure out whats going on.

    -- F

  2. Trade paperbacks are the larger size paperbacks and, while the prices on them vary, $14 isn't outside the norm.

  3. Anonymous12:01 PM

    Duh - TRADE paperback. If I'd been paying any attention at all I would have seen that. That's what I get for skimming instead of reading.

  4. Anonymous12:35 PM

    wow! those are awesme numbers!!

  5. Anonymous5:16 PM

    I've agreed to keep confidential all info about authors who send me their numbers, Bill, or I would give you an answer on that.

  6. Anonymous5:33 PM

    I don't do signings. I have a site and an active blog. I don't do promo mailings or interviews. I lucked into being bought by an established line and provided a concept the publisher got behind 100%. My agent tells me my figures are mid-range. I also had a Harlequin backlist of a dozen books before the move.

  7. Anonymous5:42 PM

    Thank you, author, for providing that info.

    I would like to caution everyone who stops in to avoid getting into guessing games about the identities of authors who provide me with their numbers. To me that is the number one, sure-fire way to stop people from doing it.

  8. Anonymous2:15 PM

    I'd like to know if this is a first book or a fifth book, etc.


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