Sunday, May 01, 2005


Back in 2000, I was told to have a professional photo made for my books. I didn't want one (I am not photogenic) but I was overruled. Get one in color, they said, and no X-Files t-shirts or purple hair, and for God's sake wear some make-up. When I admitted I wasn't exactly skilled with primping -- I once lacerated a cornea with a mascara brush -- I was sent to have my makeup and hair done professionally before the shoot.

It took three people, a trowel, ten pounds of cosmetics, two hours, creative lighting and fervent prayer to turn me into that creature in my author photo. It took me like a week to chisel all that gunk off my face. When they said they were happy with the photo, I told them to treasure it, because I wasn't ever going through that again.

(The original photo with this post is lost, so here's one of me and my daughter from that time. Not as much makeup, but a stylist did do that to my hair.)


  1. I would much rather be the one taking the picture than in the picture. I have one picture that is...almost acceptable that, if I ever am published in any way, I'll use for an author photo. If that's not okay, then they can hire a stand in and I'll remain incognito.

  2. I was reading along, saw the nice picture, and then double backed to look at the date. I said to myself, oh, 2000. That was just...omg...17 years ago. For a minute the year 2000 was just the other day. Oy.

    That little girl isn't so little anymore. :)

    I have kept the same picture since I started blogging. It's an old grainy picture of me and my dog, Chelly when she was a puppy. Chelly died of old age quite some time ago.

    I could probably have a proper photo done, but this will always be my favorite. It says all you need to know about me.

  3. Hey ladies,

    Sorry that popped up on the front page -- I've been editing these old posts to remove the Photobucket links and upload replacement pics via Blogger. Somehow this one got a current date on it when I published the new version.

  4. It's still an interesting post, Lynn. Author photos are fun to contemplate - if they're other people's photos. I'm still using one from 12 years ago. :-)


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