Friday, May 20, 2005

End of the Day

I got up this morning at 3:45 am, and I've another 45 minutes of work to finish before I can hit the sack. Been a while since I pulled a 22 hour day. I might be nice and let myself sleep in until 5:00 am tomorrow.

My glamorous life.

Actually, my life is pretty glamorous, in little ways that are only important to me. Celestial Seasonings has a new white tea out; Perfectly Pear. Light taste of le fruit + a touch of vanilla. I switched to their Decaf White Tea about six hours ago. Highly recommend both to other exotic tea junkies.

Earlier I threw all the pots and pans back into the cabinet and made a sandwiches meal for dinner: Baguette with thinly-sliced roast beef and sharp cheddar (for the man) and croissants with chopped baked chicken (for me & the kiddies). I added low-fat Lorraine cheese, romaine, and horseradish-mustard dressing on mine. Rounded it off with Ba-Tampte garlic dill pickles and egg-potato salad. A bit heavy on the calories, but a good, fast summer meal when you don't feel like cooking or eating a lot.

Now I want some fresh peaches. Sun-warmed, the kind that always dribble juice down your chin the instant you take a bite; preferably picked right off the tree. I have no idea why. I just want them. But we have no peach trees. (Note to self: road trip to that great Farmer's Market in the next town over; asap.)

I also painted for thirty minutes today. It's tragic, what I can do to an innocent stretch of canvas with a mere brush and some primary acrylics. Still loved it.

It's quiet. Everyone bailed on me hours ago. I can hear crickets, a blue jay squawking now and then (stray cat out there, I'll bet) and the hum of the tower fan. These are my writer hours, the read-and-edit end of the day, when I'm tired but happy. Happy with the work and the place where I am. I skipped some chores to watch the kids swim for an hour at dusk. There will be laundry to pay tomorrow, but there's always laundry. Kids aren't always kids.

What sort of personal glamour shines in your life?


  1. Yesterday I had a bath and today I’m going to try fixing the shower. How Rock & Roll is that?

  2. Anonymous6:15 AM

    Stuart wrote: Yesterday I had a bath and today I’m going to try fixing the shower. How Rock & Roll is that?

    Considering what I have to pay my plumber? That seriously rocks.

  3. Anonymous7:27 AM

    My personal glamour is shiny:

    Full plate armour and a sword I know how to use.

    I've wanted this since I was 10. Who says money doesn't buy happiness!

  4. My two cats laying on either side of me as I read. The sound of my kitties purring. My dog lying at my feet as I sit outside, reading. The sun on my face during quiet moments in the yard. Sounds of birds and crickets. In the winter it's bubble baths and fires in the fire place. And I always love sitting by the window sipping my Belgian Chocolte Nut coffee.

  5. Anonymous9:16 AM

    Your post put things back into perspective for me, which tends to get a little whacked out from time to time, while pursuing this insane dream of literary fame. When I stopped and looked around me, I was reminded just how blessed and glamorous my life really is.

    I don't have to work a "regular" job and can devote as much time as I need to my writing. I have a husband and son who are completely supportive and fend for themselves when I'm too submersed in my work to give them a glance.

    My home is paid for and is nestled among a grove of live oaks along the St. Johns River, with a courtyard that rivals those found in St. Augustine and Savannah, which never fails to inspire me.

    Two boats; one for fishing, one for fun (and can afford to fuel them)! Food in the pantry, cars in the garage, love in our home and happiness in our hearts.

    What more could anyone ask for....a peach cobbler would be nice, now that you've started the craving!


  6. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Give me a few more months to get into my own place again, and I'll have a list a mile long. Meanwhile, my list is a family that's supportive. With my husband's new job paying what it does, I don't have to have a day job, so I can write. I get good coffee in the morning. And there's always Smokey, my kitty, hanging around. :)


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