Tuesday, May 17, 2005


We're going to get vulgar for a minute and talk about numbers. Everyone that this might offend, you have been duly notified.

We were talking about where to gather data on trends the other day, and I mentioned how difficult it is to collect data on real numbers. But they are out there.

Over on Confessions of an Author, Amanda Mann posted actual numbers from two royalty statements. Now, these are from a UK publisher, obviously (pounds versus dollars) but she's not cleaning them up to make herself look good -- thus it's more likely that they're the real numbers.

I am not so happy with the general numbers being tossed out by the anonymous author of the Anatomy of a Career post over on BookAngst 101. Good on you, pal, but why did your career build? We want specifics.

If the author happens to be reading this, and would like to elaborate in the comments or e-mail me at LynnViehl@aol.com (I will keep your name confidential, Girl Scout's Honor) I'll post the data here on PBW. I'd also like to extend the use of this weblog for any author who would like to share their real numbers. Same confidentialty applies.


  1. Anonymous9:27 AM

    About a £1 to 2K per novel.

    Think I'll shoot myself and throw away my laptop. Though not in that order.

  2. That reminds me: Sheila, did you ever get my email about your USA Today Bestseller list numbers? Or is my little email lost somewhere in cyberspace?


  3. Anonymous10:05 PM

    Granted, this may be a stupid question, but, er, why do numbers offend people?

  4. Kellie, I'll check the account to see if it's there. I've been having problems with AOL going wonky and rejecting some e-mails for no apparent reason.

    Donna, apparently talking openly about your earnings and advances equals being snotty and boastful, but only if you're me. Also, it is evidently in horrible taste to keep talking about the financial end of the business, but again, only if you're me. Pretty much if you're not me? You're safe.

  5. Anonymous5:24 PM

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  6. Anonymous1:42 AM

    Above SPAM comment deleted by Yours Truly.


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