Monday, May 30, 2005

Relief Ten

Ten Things for the Bored

1. The Hero Machine -- create your very own superhero.

2. Hirshhorn's Art Interactive offer an online Create a Sculpture -- good for people who should not be trusted with sharp objects.

3. Philip Lenssen's The Blog-O-Matic -- when you can't think of what the heck to post.

4. Celeste Lim, Laura Tan, and Nicole Wee's Proppian Fairytale Generator -- your tuition dollars, hard at work.

5. Dave Mullen's Proverb Generator -- there's a message in this.

6. Ruder Finn Interactive's Mr. Picassohead -- you too can be Pablo. Kind of.

7. Scott Pakin's Automatic Complaint-Letter Generator -- length adjustable

8. Michael Smith's Cosmic Truth Generator -- if it's true, it's cosmic.

9. Also by Michael Smith, the Automatic Prose Generator -- when you can't face that blank screen another sec.

10. Lore Sjoberg's The Apathetic Online Journal Entry Generator -- express your boredom without ruining your ennui.

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