Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Blog Shopping

In addition to some neat Feng Shui candles and Lemony Snicket on DVD, the crew gave me a generous BAM gift card for Mother's Day. I think I've got them trained to think no-clutter, no-calorie when they shop for me now.

After I picked up a few nonfic titles I've been waiting on, I decided to blog shop (buy books by authors you've not read but know via their weblogs.) Here's what landed on the checkout counter:

A Whole Lotta Love, stories by Donna Hill, Brenda Jackson, Monica Jackson, and Francis Ray. I've been wanting to read Donna Hill since her last post on RTB; Monica is just a bonus. I shouldn't have had a peek at Monica's story first, though. Now I want the recipe for Topaz's birthday cake.

Hush by Jo Leigh. Very hot cover art -- front and back -- and a killer first line on the copy: "A hotel for first-class sex?" Yep, I'll check in. I see Harlequin is still sticking those GET FREE BOOKS cardstock inserts in the middle of their books.

Loving Mercy by Teresa Bodwell -- Zebra did a beautiful job on Teresa's cover art; it's subtle, provocative, and classy all at the same time. I haven't read any Western romances since I wrote Sun Valley (the only romance I've written that could be loosely termed a Western) so I'm looking forward to it.

I couldn't grab everything I wanted to check out. Stuart MacBride's Cold Granite isn't here yet. (The clerk took a step back when I gave her the evil eye and demanded What do you mean, I have to wait until July? It's out in freaking Scotland. You're my supplier, get me a copy.) She made noise about US release dates; ticked me off. I added it to my order for Douglas Clegg's The Priest of Blood. Damn men writers.

I faced out all but one of the above titles (Teresa was already faced-out with four of her six titles in inventory gone) and went to see how mine were doing. They moved IAB out of romance and stuck it in SF (Viehl/Viehl logic, or someone complained, I guess.) My last JH title had been restocked; I do well with romance at this particular store. The writer-for-hire novel was on an inspirational endcap display. All seems well in bookland.


  1. I think, to be honest, we’re probably all damned anyway.

    And your check is in the post ;}#

  2. Hey no fair! :) I was going to do this same post--different books though.

    Oh, well, the more the merrier, right? Great minds think a like!

    I'm going to have to blog faster though, you keep beating me to the punch.



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