Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Out of Business

Someone whose short-time presence on the internet has rocked a few writers' worlds (mine included) is about to retire their blog. No, I can't say who, but you'll figure it out soon enough. I know what a time sink weblogs are, (believe me, I know) and I respect that everyone has to do their thing. It's still painful to watch a potential powerhouse of ideas and information for writers close up shop.

There are plenty of non-writer publishing blogs out there, but few that are useful. Too many toss around claims to "like" and "love" various aspects of writerdom and publishing, but serve up nothing but hate and envy disguised as wit. Not even decent wit, most of the time; high school, snickering in the bathroom quality wit. While everyone is entitled to their fun, and I'm all for a good, cheap laugh now and then, if that's all you plop in front of me, it gets old fast.

There are writers who need help with handling the non-writing end of this gig, and I'm not ashamed to say I'm one of them. I was just over at Monica's brooding with her over to-market-or-not-to-market. Publishers have an entire building of smart people dedicated to selling the book. Who do we writers have? Ourselves, maybe a couple of pro friends, writing organizations and entities that are primarily interested in making money off us, what time and wisdom our editors can spare us, and the internet.

It's not enough.

And yeah, for months I've been telling you it's not enough, but you don't have to listen to me. Go read M.J.'s latest post and then come back and tell me what we have is enough to deal with this.

I don't have answers. If I did, I'd post them. I have some ideas, but they're not enough. So if you're reading this, my personal World Rocker, I hope you'll reconsider. We need you out here, not out of business.


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    What we need here is a full-blown Writer's Revolution!

    We are the blood, sweat and tears that keeps this billion-dollar monster going and the boys in their ivory towers filthy rich. We produce the goods, yet we're starving on the street (I know, a little dramatic, but you get the point)!

    We may not be able to change the world, but I honestly believe we can change the way this industry is run. How, you ask? By saying enough is enough and taking the reigns of what we should be in control of in the first place.

  2. I look to your blog for information about the underbelly of the business and those lushly harvested pearls of wisdom. Thanks for being brave enough to tell it like it is.

  3. Anonymous2:10 PM

    It does take a special sort of bravery to expose yourself fearlessly and openly (sharing numbers! and non-anonymously!) and also a special sort of selflessness. I'm sure many appreciate it, including me.

    Ramdom Guesses Out of My Rear on blog plug being pulled--Bookangst?


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