Thursday, May 26, 2005

Worth It

There is so much free writing software available out there in internet land that I rarely recommend anything writers have to buy. When you're trying to live on the average writing income, you're basically starving, so I'd rather endorse free stuff. Also, I don't want to get into that whole "Buy this because I'm a published author getting a nice kickback" thing.*

The other problem is that most of these writing software programs you have to buy seem to be designed by non-writers, because they tend to be very complicated. They've got fancy functions may look fabulous, to be sure, but using them means either memorizing the 4.9MB hey.stupid file or hiring an IT tech to come in and run them for you.

Once in a great while, however, someone comes up with something fabulous that actually works. Like JT Enterprises's WriteWay.

I bought WriteWay when it first hit the market because a) I was already looking for something easy and user-friendly; b) it was designed by romance author Tina St. John's** husband, John Haack and c) I had some writing students who were in desperate need of software to help get them organized and motivated.

I downloaded the free 30-day demo version and gave it a test drive. I had half a novel plotted out before I realized just how simple it was to use; even a technosloth like me could have fun with it. Also, it was writer-logical; everything I needed to use for working on the book in one place. I then bought the program, used it to finish plotting the novel, and began recommending it to my students and writer friends. They liked it as much as I did, which clinched it for me.

Right now you can get 20% off the $39.00 standard edition and the $79.00 pro edition of WriteWay, but you can go over any time and download the free demo and check it out before you buy. Go for it.

*PBW does not do kickbacks. PBW did cheesecake, but no one sent me that, and now I'm on a diet.

**The same Tina St. John who leaves comments here. I already gushed all over her via e-mail about WriteWay when I realized it was her.


  1. Anonymous6:18 AM


    There's another free program for writers out there:

    It's designed by a writer who is using it for his own stories and it's very simple without that fancy you-don't-need-it-but-it-is-colorful-and-sparkles stuff.
    It breaks down your story into chapters and then into scenes with individual word count and the possibility to assign a POV character. Does quite a few other neat things, too.

    Just thought I should mention it, I tested a lot of free writing programs and kept only this one.

  2. I don't write for money (yet), but I've found that simpler is better, and that fancy-ass word processors like MS Word are more likely to get in the way than help.

    I'll check out WriteWay.

  3. The guy who put yWriter together reads Paperback Writer daily.
    Yep, that'd be me ;-)

  4. Could you explain what you like about it, beyond ease of use? Thanks!

  5. I've been using WWP for almost two years and just LOVE it! I'm so much more organized and there are some cool features no other word processor has :-) Glad you found it and it answered all your writing needs too!

  6. Thanks, Tina. I already read the testimonials and checked out the site. :-)


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