Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ten the Hard Way

I went to my master links list, looking for the URL to The Generator Blog, which is cross-referenced by A Dictionary of Words for Masculine Women and Unusual Churches (don't ask), and came across a ten list I never finished compiling:

The Good, the Bad, and the Superficial

Cheating Husband
God Damn Hippies
Mr. Sun!
The Superficial


  1. PostSecret is touching, powerfully sad, and inspirational. How much courage did it take for some of these people to write their messages?

  2. So, I was looking through our webstats and found the link to this page, so of course I was curious... still can't work out how gdh ended up on the list, but I foolishly folowed the link to the Generator Blog and I'm stuck there! I have Generator Blog addiction now...

    Flick, one of the God Damn Hippies


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