Thursday, May 05, 2005

Deadline, Eviscerated

My apologies. I was off being a writer. Emergency services is standing down and my family might actually speak to me again by June or so. Right now all I'm getting are those hurt puppy dog looks. How could you lock yourself in there for five days?

I think it was good for my loved ones to do without me for a time. They're now better acquainted with the extremely complicated operating procedures involved with the microwave, the washing machine, the dish washer, and the air conditioning thermostat. No one has touched the stove; I guess that was too tough. I also proudly note that my children have finally mastered the hugely intimidating task of replacing the roll of toilet paper on the spindle when there's only a cardboard tube left.

As for why I bailed on the world, well, it's all Valentin's fault. The little snot tried to take over my book. I swear, give a short Austrian man a few inches . . . he'd be grateful, right? Wrong. He tries to take over your book. Now he wants his own book. I keep telling him he's a secondary character. He won't listen.

I got him back, though. Big time. It's a mistake to get between me and my plans.

Anyway, Valentin, Thierry and the rest of the fourth book of the year is done, gone, out of here, and with a hot shower and ten hours of sleep I should be semi-back-to-normal, or at least stop interesting so many flies.

Thank you for all the nice e-mails. Checking things now to catch up. It's May? Damn. Who changed the month?


  1. Congrats on finishing the book! I read If Angels Burn and it rocked!

  2. Hurray and congratulations!

    I also proudly note that my children have finally mastered the hugely intimidating task of replacing the roll of toilet paper on the spindle when there's only a cardboard tube left.

    Okay, now I'm feeling extreme envy. Whenever I go on "I'm not changing it again" strike, all we end up with is a host of empty toilet paper tubes and several half-used rolls of toilet paper floating around the bathroom. ::sigh::

  3. Characters taking over. Yeah, I had that happen to me.

    It's happening now, actually. What was supposed to be a first-person opening to a new series is now a big, sprawling multi-POV standalone.

    Yes, Stuart, I may actually do a book as long as one of yours.

  4. Anonymous3:24 PM

    Ed Gorman said

    Have you ever read Home Sweet Homicide by Craig Rice? It's a very funny 1948 mystery-comedy about a famous mystery writer (her--famous enough to be on the cover of Time) trying to finish a mystery on deadline while her kids stumble across a body and meet a homicide detective they try to fix her up with.Became a Randolph Scott B feature soon after pub. I have two copies of the novel if you'd like one.

  5. Anonymous1:58 AM

    Glad you are back :)

  6. Anonymous4:37 AM

    Ah, the well-earned joy of being a full time writer!

    Much envy. Most of my drafting is done in 1-hour slots at lunchtime.

    Since I'm writing a Sword & Sorcery adventure, the experience is rather like recording a solo for Great Balls of Fire one note at a time over a year.

    Salutations and respect

  7. Congrats on finishing the book and hey, it just means you already have a spinoff on the back burner which I can tell you that I at least will be delighted to read :).

    As far as the kids, I've trained mine to be independant from a young age cause, well, I'm too scattered to hold their hands, but when a friend mentions that they had to wait for Mom to make breakfast, do laundry whatever, it's hilarious and rewarding to see their expressions. They can't imagine being that dependent :). Sometimes it does work. On the other hand, they also give me the "but my FRIENDS don't have to do chores and get 10 times the allowance...."



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