Monday, May 30, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Just an FYI for everyone who has been stopping in and/or trying to reach me, some wicked storms knocked out our power, phones and internet service, and we're just now getting everything back up and put to rights.

Unless more of the same happens again today -- that was not a hint, God -- I'll be back to posting tomorrow. Until then, enjoy the rest of Memorial Day weekend.


  1. Wondered where you'd vanished to... stay safe.

  2. Diana5:46 PM

    Can I please just tell you that you are a goddess? I just rediscovered your Stardoc novels (only read the first two and ripped my local library apart to find them). I read them when I was in 9th grade--probably too young but you made a huge impression on me. Can I just say you're the reason I'll be taking the MCATS this year?

  3. Sounds like the weather we had last week here in Oklahoma.

    Hope to see you back on line soon.


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