Friday, May 06, 2011

After Midnight Elsewhere

One of the benefits of writing in a new genre is getting to meet people out there in NetPubLand whose paths might otherwise never cross mine.

Like Ashley, the proprietor of Books Obsession, a popular YA book blog. She kindly invited me to write a guest post for her May author spotlight series, which you can read here.

There is also a giveaway contest you can enter here for this Aeropostale tote filled with favorite YA titles* from me and my kid, plus a signed copy of After Midnight.

Okay, I added a copy of Pride and Prejudice too. The first time I read it was when I was actually a YA, so that counts.


  1. What a fun post! Every time I read one of your critter posts, my resolve to find a way, somehow, to make some major changes and get us back out in the country grows that much stronger... soon, I hope.

  2. Anne V.9:09 AM

    Ha! I feel exactly what you're saying after leaving my own city.

  3. Thanks again for writing up that great guest post and supplying the contest for my blog!

  4. I LOVED your post! It made me laugh in so many places because, except for the caterpillars, I grew up with all of those critters (oh, and the bear. No bears.) And I've always taken them all for granted, missing them terribly when I lived in the city.

    I'm glad you survived. What would we do without you?


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