Thursday, May 12, 2011

My Political Moment

Dear Representative Matt Dean,

From what I've read you sound like a very confused gentleman; so much so that even someone who despises politics as much as I do feels compelled to offer you some assistance. While your intended victim has already politely addressed all of your erroneous accusations against him (a year before you made them, in fact) I feel you still need some help with certain definitions.

To provide that, I've created the following visual aid for you:

Please feel free to print this out and hang it in your office to prevent any future confusion.


Critter Photo credit: © Andrea Poole |


  1. Love, love, love this.

  2. Thank you for this post. I hadn't heard about this particular political football and I love your visual aid.

    This quote from one of Neil Gaiman's posts made me cackle:

    $45,000? For a Sci Fi Author? I’ve never heard of you.

    That’s okay. I’ve never heard of you either.

    It's obvious you have to have a sense of humor to survive in this business.

  3. Yeah, what you said.

    And where's "Minnesota Nice" now? Certainly not at the State Capitol these days.

    You want to laugh, and yet, these guys are making changes and trying to control the arts funding in draconian, politically-driven ways that really aren't funny at all.

  4. I nearly had a coffee-nose-spurting type incident with this.

  5. ROFLMAO!!!!!! Thanks for the morning giggle.

  6. Bravo! First chuckle of the day. Or was it a snicker? Not a chortle, certainly, but probably a snigger/snicker (which is it?). Not LOL, although there was a sort of snorting quality to it...

  7. Best response to the mess I've seen yet! Love the visual aid. (I also love that Matt Dean's mother told him to apologize to Neil Gaiman. Maybe she'll run for office.)

  8. I totally back your political stance on this.

    How could anyone hate Neil Gaiman? And I'm thinkig of printing out your visual aid just because that is such a great pic of

  9. Lol! Your letter is great!

    I feel sorry for this Matt Dean. He must be a very unhappy man to pick on a SFF author. Doesn't he have political rivals he's supposed to be mud-wrestling with?

  10. LOVE the visual aid. *SNORT* Yup, this is one of the many reasons I despise politics.

  11. I agree; this is the best comment I've read on the whole shebang. Thanks for the laugh.

  12. LOL. :-)

    Neil handled it like the gentleman he is.


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