Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger Up & Down

Blogger is having some problems and has lost or erased some of my posts (since it's Friday the 13th, I guess that's to be expected.) While I'm waiting to recover what's missing, here's a look at some new German edition cover art (click on image to see larger version):

Be back once my host works out the bugs.


  1. They're lovely. Lyx has been very good to you regarding the covers.

    I'd been wondering which of your books Heat of the Moment/Spiel mit dem Feuer was and if I'd somehow managed to miss one of the Darkyn/Kyndred series. Alas, it turns out that it's one of your romantic suspense titles. This one will go on the birthday/Christmas list for my Mom who's a big romantic suspense fan.

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    Hi! I have been waiting for your book after midnight to show up at my local Barnes and noble, and today I checked the website to see if any of the 6 stores in my area have it (road trip!) but NONE did. Then I figured I'd buy it digital but it dosen't seem like it is available in the nook format. Is barnes and noble not carrying your book (other than as a book that can be ordered from them)? I don't want to wait another week having to order it!

  3. Any word on when the rest of the Stardoc novels might be showing up in digital form on Amazon? I haven't checked elsewhere so if they are available elsewhere in digital format I'd like to know that too.

  4. blogger lost almost 2 years of my blog and it wasn't able to "find" them

    I moved to wordpress.


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