Monday, May 09, 2011

Cat Arrives Ten

Ten Reasons to Invest in My New Release, After Midnight

A New Venture: This is the first chance I've had to build a brand-new universe in quite some time. I really had fun with it, and I think you'll be pleased with the results.

Ad-Free PBW: I don't accept donations, advertising or any outside funding at all for PBW; everything I do here is paid for with income from my share of book sales. Thus when you buy one of my books, you provide direct support for the blog.

Cover Art: Will not lacerate your corneas, fry your retinas or otherwise cause temporary blindness (disclaimer: no guarantees if you choose to poke yourself in the eye with the book.)

Freebie Funding: If you enjoyed Dark of Heart or any of the other stories, novellas and novels that I give away for free online, buying my print novels is a great way to say thanks as well as to vote for more free stuff.

Getting Back to My Roots: Most of my early work was YA (mainly because I was a teen when I started writing novels.) Rediscovering that young voice inside me was terrific, and I'd like to do more of that.

None of the Usual Suspects: The story does not contain any alternate realities, castles, crystals, dragons, elves, magic spells, necromancers, new age ephemera, orcs, ogres, reincarnation, schools that would not qualify for state funding, secret societies, trolls, underworlds, warriors, werewolves, witches or wizards.

Print: The trade paperback edition does not require batteries, cables or downloading.

Storytelling: Writing this book was a serious challenge on multiple levels, and taught me a lot. That's the kind of thing that keeps me from becoming complacent or growing stagnant as a writer, and helps me write better books for you.

Teen-Friendly: If you've ever wanted your teenager to read something I've written, this is the book to give them.

Writing for the Future: Sales are the only job security a writer ever has. By investing in After Midnight, you insure I keep writing; it's as simple as that.


  1. I bought my copy as soon as it was available on Amazon. I'm sorry if it didn't count towards sales rankings and whatnot, but I couldn't wait. And now I can't wait for the next release :D

  2. AND it has a pretty cover!!

  3. I pre-ordered my copy thinking that would surely count and got early delivery so now I have no clue. Stores should not make it so difficult to know if you're supporting an author. But anyway, reason #1 to buy: the story rocks!

  4. Anonymous2:38 PM

    I ordered my copy today through Books-a-Million online. I used my military discount through them and purchased a few other things as well with a coupon I had from them. I'll have your book in 4-7 days and will probably be done with it faster than that!

    Now, I have to ask, where or where can Chrysallis be?!?!? I'm getting anxious. Any update? Please, please, pretty please!


  5. This is wonderful, Lynn!!! Absolutely love the cover, it is gorgeous. Now I know what to ask from my sister for my birthday. xD


  6. I am a bit of a fangirl for your urban fantasy titles but was unsure about your young adult series. Not because of you, I just haven't ventured into that part of the bookstore in years. So I took a look at Dark of Heart and loved it. Thank you so much for putting it online. I will be getting After Midnight as soon as I can.

  7. Waiting...waiting...waiting...


  8. Yeah I bought it! & I'm telling all my patrons about it. You're one of the few authors out there who hasn't let me down! :)

  9. I just wanted to say that I got my copy just the other day and I'm enjoying the story SO MUCH. I really love YA, because after my sometimes grim day job I like to read something a little lighter without too much horror.

    This has hit the spot perfectly. I've been carefully doling out a chapter to myself as a treat. It's great! :D



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