Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Off to Chauffeur

I am in charge of providing airport limo service for the family, so I will be off today hunting for overpriced parking, standing in line for hours and then watching security search my loved ones (try explaining to an eighty-year-old with Alzheimer's why he has to submit to a pat-down by a complete stranger when he can't remember who the hell you are. As futility goes, there is no better exercise.)

So that your stop here was not entirely wasted, you might want to check out This Into That, the web site of artist Jim Rosenau, who makes vintage books into shelves, chairs, tables and other interesting works of art.

Part of me cringes when I see books treated as construction materials, but he's got a great sense of humor, as demonstrated by his bookmark:

See you tomorrow.


  1. Some of his stuff is very funny! Too bad he has to 'kill' a few books in the process.
    I love the bookmarks, sometimes I think they would be a very good reminder that I don't have to finish the books I started. I mights make myself one or something =)

  2. I love those bookmarks! I have a 50 page rule. If I'm not into the book at page 50, I stop reading with no regrets.

  3. Those are pretty original bookmarks!

  4. Love his disclaimer: "No books that could change the course of world events are harmed in the production."

  5. Love the bookmark. I needed it when I read Regina Jeffers' Mr. Darcy books!


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