Sunday, July 31, 2005

Hit & Run

I spent the afternoon building a quilt rack/shelf and had to run out to the Home Improvement shop to get a bit for my Dremmel -- what, you thought I was just a pretty face? -- and since BAM is on the way, I did a hit & run to see what's new.

What's new: the usual front of the store blahs I don't read, and too much interesting nonfic. I am not allowed to buy any more nonfic until I clear the ceiling-high nonfic TBR stack. However, I have very little fiction to read, so I gave myself permission to blog shop. Here's what I scored:

Valiant by Holly Black -- found on one of the aisle tables. I recognize the author's name from her Live Journal but I've never read her stuff, so I figured, why not. Good title, nice little hardcover.

Seduced by Beth Ciotta -- Did you know Beth is also writing paranormals with Cynthia Klimback as C.B. Scott? Neither did I, until I read her bio in the back. So? What other secrets are you keeping from us, Beth?

Getting Hers by Donna Hill -- This was in Fiction/Lit (Monica makes me schlep over there, too.) Wasn't hard to find, though; the visual from this cover really jumps out from the shelf. Very classy, subtle embossing, elegant title font and a gorgeous glossy finish; best art design I've seen all year for catching attention from the casually cruising customer.

A Taste of Crimson by Majorie M. Liu -- Majorie had a pile of books faced out and they are moving; my store had ordered 12 copies and about 7 were left.

Courting Danger by Carol Stephenson -- Carol is an old friend of mine from South Florida, and it was a real joy to find her back on the shelves.

I also bought Passion by Lisa Valdez because Vanessa's posts about it got me interested. Anything that offends that many people has to be fun. Would like it better if Ms. Jaye would hurry up and get into print so I could buy one of her novels, hint, hint.

What books by bloggers have you bought recently?


  1. I bought Blue Flame by Jill Shalvis, and The Pleasure Slave by Gena Showalter at the Literacy signing in Reno. (For some reason neither of them have RSS feeds.)

    I'm so glad you bought Passion! Lisa Valdez is my crit partner and--even though she doesn't blog--she is a goddess. Plus, it's an amazing book. I hope you enjoy it. :)

  2. Anonymous4:33 AM

    Recently I bought a book called Stardoc by one S.L. Viehl. I believe she has a blog.

  3. I recently ordered a self-pubbed historical, UNLADYLIKE PURSUITS, by Alyssa Goodnight, who has a blog. It was much better than I would have expected, and I'm glad I took a chance on it. I'm also waiting anxiously for Mary Stella's romance KEY OF SEA... I read her blog almost every day, but I'd read and loved her first book before she blogged, so I'm not sure that counts as blog-shopping!

  4. Hmm, well, there is this dynamite book called If Angels Burn that I recently bought, read and loved. I'm currently reading Revenge Gifts by Cindy Cruciger, but I won the ARC by entering a ghost story contest from her blog. *g*

    Ellen, thanks for the shout-out about Key of Sea! Any day now.

  5. I also recently purchased 'If Angels Burn' and am so looking forward to the read! Unfortunately I've been reading exclusively for research these past couple of months. Also in my TBR pile are books by Jill Shalvis and Suzanne McMinn. These two women, like you, hooked me with their blogs.

    I have to say, I grinned like an idiot when I saw I was a victim of your 'hit and run'. Secrets? Moi? :) Although I do have a few, writing as CB Scott wasn't an intentional one. Mental note: sharpen PR skills!

  6. OK, I ended up with unknowns. But I'll plug them, because I liked them.

    I recently bought The Bloodstained Rabbit, by sean kennedy who keeps a blog over on livejournal.

    And I didn't buy it, but I scored an advance reader's copy of Wind Scarred, by Sarah Mankowski. Who maintains her own blog at

  7. Yesterday I wrote today's blog entry. It's synchronicity at work because it's about several writers who's blogs I read regularly. PBW, Holly Lisle, Tamara Siler Jones, Wen Spencer, and C.E. Murphy are on that list. You can click on my name to read the entry, if you're interested.

    Two other books I picked up because of reading blogs are M.J. Rose's The Halo Effect and I won an ARC of Alison Kent's Larger Than Life.

    I have some on my always-growing "to buy" list because of weblogs I read regularly, too. Dark Lover, recommended by PBW. The Vampyricon by Douglas Clegg, whose weblog I've been reading. Cold Granite by Stuart MacBride, recommended by PBW and Tambo. Seeing as how books are my vice, I'm sure I've left out one or two. :)

  8. days late commenting but i didnt realize Holly co-wrote the spiderwick chronicles! My son reads those! LOL Gonna have to pick up Valiant!
    bought--Susan McBrides Blue Blood (been meaning to but since regularly reading the lipstick chronicles i made it a point to this trip). confessions of a serial dater from literary chick michelle cunnah, also gods in alabama, bitch posse, & whores on the hill all from blogging =)


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