Friday, July 22, 2005

In Transit Ten

Ten Things That Happened While I Was Moving

1. Alison finished her latest novel.

Now if we can just get her to stay away from blogs that annoy her.

2. Mad Max folded BookAngst 101.

Which sucks, and I'm not going to wish him farewell. I don't want him to go.

3. Sasha sold to Berkley and Kensington.

This is just too fabulous. Way to go, Sasha.

4. Some terrorists tried to mess with London again.

The Brits were bombed by the Nazis and didn't flinch. You jerkoffs haven't a prayer.

5. Kate went Blogger.

Just as I'd gotten used to scrolling down half a page....

6. Mr. MacBride and Mr. Rickards went off to make friends and influence people at the Harrogate crime fest.

I'd pay good money to watch these two work a room.

7. Shannon noticed that RT stinks.

Might have rubbed off from the RWR (rimshot.)

8. Holly relocated Silent Bounce.

Pretty new sidebars, same great header.

9. James Doohan, who played Chief Engineer Scott on the first Star Trek series, passed away.

I always loved the character of Scotty. Rest in peace, James.

10. Gabriele renovated The Lost Fort.

I like the changes she's made, and that cool mint green background gives me an instant craving for Ande's candies.


  1. Anonymous12:07 PM

    Actually, it looks like the cops drilled a bomber before he pulled the trigger. Much whinging in cyberspace.

    Enjoy your weekend

    PS Mad Max Perkins is just doing what you did - going cold turkey on the interweb.

  2. I'll miss Mad Max Perkins, too.

    I started a weblog while you were in the throes of packing and moving. It's linked if you click on my screen name. :)


  3. Anonymous12:29 PM

    There was definitely some excitement! But we still missed you.

  4. Anonymous12:34 PM

    We missed you alright. :)

    PS I'm the one you sent a book to Singapore for. Thanks a lot, I got it and I hope you received my email.

  5. PBW wrote
    10. Gabriele renovated The Lost Fort.

    Yep, the walls started tumbling. :)

    I like the changes she's made, and that cool mint green background gives me an instant craving for Ande's candies.

    Thank you. Your special mention of my blog has increased traffic quite nicely.

    I don't know Ande's candies but they sound like those things we shouldn't eat but can't live without. ;)

  6. Guess you'd better not go off-line again soon. Never know what else might happen. : >


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