Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Take My Books, Please

You can never have too many books, unless you're moving. Then you start thinking Why am I not an e-book author?

Between the obligatory 35 author copies per book, the book club editions and the large prints, publishers ship me between 400 to 600 copies of my own books every year. This year I decided to keep three copies of the books I write for posterity (I figure one copy for each of the kids) and give away the rest.

I thought I had rid myself of all the extras, and then today I go and find two boxes in the back of a closet containing these:

Gena Hale romance novels (paperback)

Dream Mountain
Sun Valley

Jessica Hall romance novels (paperback)

The Deepest Edge (2 copies)
The Kissing Blades
Into the Fire (2 copies)
Heat of the Moment (2 copies)

Rebecca Kelly inspirational novels (hardcover)

Going to the Chapel
Portraits of the Past
Home for the Holidays, Large Print Edition (2 copies)

S.L. Viehl SF novels (paperback and ARCs)

StarDoc (4 copies)
Beyond Varallan
Endurance (2 copies)
Shockball (2 copies)
Eternity Row (2 copies)
Blade Dancer (paperback)
Blade Dancer (ARC)
Bio Rescue (ARC, 2 copies)
BioRescue ARC (2 copies)
Blade Dancer ARC

You all wouldn't mind taking them off my hands, would you?

Most of these are original author copies, so the older ones like StarDoc and the two Gena Hale books are starting to yellow around the edges. The rest are in new to like-new condition, with only the occasional cover, spine or page dings and dents. Also, I have three cats and they like hiding in boxes and closets, for those of you with an allergy situation.

Before I start dumping these on you, any thoughts on how to give them away? Want a simple name-entry via comments or e-mail, or should we have some fun with a couple of contests? Suggestions would be appreciated.

Update: I've crossed off a couple of duplication typos I made. All I have are 2 BioRescue and 1 Blade Dancer ARC -- sorry for the error.


  1. Anonymous2:00 AM

    I'll be happy to take a few off your hands. Where would you like me to send $$$ for postage? :-}

  2. Anonymous3:00 AM

    my mom might like a couple o romance ones. She needs to actually relax and READ. ( one or two?)

    I'm trying to think if anyone I know would get hooked on stardoc, but they already went out and bought the series. I have a friend who's a student who might appreciate Stardoc ( 1) or Blade Dancer.

  3. I'm not much of a romance reader (although I did read 'lace' when I was stuck on a bus for eighteen hours and the alternative was staring out the window at the fog), but I've got some of your SF stuff in my wish list on Amazon. Like Mary said, I'd be happy to cough up for the postage if you're determined to give stuff away. Alternatively, those competitions are fun;}#

  4. "Alternatively, those competitions are fun"

    But this time, let's poke fun at someone else, yea?

  5. Ooooh! *Squealing fangirlishly* I just read STARDOC and loved it and desperately want to read the second book in the series. Like others have said, I'd be happy to send postage...

  6. I would love to have a few....Eternity Row is one I haven't read yet and I love the StarDoc series. Also an ARC of Blade Dancer would be cool too-that was the first book I read of yours ever and it's very dear to my heart (I've already re-read it a few times).

    Contests would be fun. :)


  7. If you want to get rid of them, fast and easy, I'd say the email entry is the way to go. I know I'm interested in a copy of anything you mentioned. More than willing to send cost of postage!

  8. Anonymous7:59 AM

    Would love any of the Rebecca Kelly books and likewise would be happy to send money for the postage, etc. I have the others but was unable to find these. Marie

  9. I'd be happy to send postage too, if you can accept paypal, or something similar, for those of us who aren't in the US. But competitions would be more fun, especially as I'm sure you'll have more supplicants than books.

  10. I think a shout out is appropriate.

    Personally, I'm interested in The Deepest Edge and
    The Kissing Blades and BioRescue. I love the SF and Jessica Hall books that I've already read.

    Let me know on postage if you decide to go this route.



  11. Some Stardoc novels would be nice. :)

    But I'll understand if you don't want to send books to Germany, it's a bit more complicated than within the US.

  12. Anonymous8:34 AM

    This is too complicated. You best just ship them to me and get it over with. Save you a lot of time.


    -- F

  13. Why not list them on ebay, cover your costs with a postage charge and donate some/all of the funds raised to a non-profit of some kind?
    If you mention the URL in your blog you'll generate a load of interest.

  14. Ditto what Simon said. That's an excellent idea.

  15. Oh oh oh! That is so generous of you. I would be interested in the StarDoc series. I just read Blade Dancer not long ago and wanted to start the StarDoc series because of it. If you do a contest and/or need postage, I am so in.

  16. Whatever it takes...Survivor-style competion, Gladitaorial Combat, Character Assassination...Hell, I'm willing to compete with Rock-Paper-Scissors... I like me some PBW authored books, and will challenge all comers for a chance at some of the goodies :)

  17. I would love Into the Fire and Heat of the Moment. I love suspenseful books. I'd be happy to send postage as well. I'd love to read your SF books. Any of them would be appreciated, if you have any left.

    Contests are fun. But if you want to get rid of them faster, I'd agree that the comments or email entry would be the way to go.

  18. Anonymous9:56 AM

    I'd love the 2nd stardoc, but I also think Simon's idea rocks w/ the fundraising thing on ebay.

  19. I own, read and re-read all your SF stories. I'll try either a Jessica Hall or a Rebecca Kelly. I'll forward money to you to cover postage and handling. Besides it would be kind of cool to get one from you.

    How to give them away? Hmm. Well, at the moment I'm at a loss for creativity. E-mail entries?

  20. Probably having people send you SASEs that include information on what book(s) you are supposed to put in them is the easiest, as long as they include enough postage.

    I'd be real interested in any of your SF.

  21. how about the Outrageously Butter Up PBW Contest. ("You're the best writer since Fitzgerald--no, since William S. You're such an amazingly brilliant wordsmith. Subtle yet striking. Witty yet deep. Original, yet you find and strike primal chords that Jung would envy. And your hair! I really like how you're wearing it these days.")

    Or money and a snailmail address works for me too.

  22. No contest: Contests :)

  23. Anonymous11:06 AM

    You get 35 author copies? Wow. Is that standard in the US? I received 12 and my agent said that was non-negotiable -- though it seemed to me that copies should be the most negotiable item.

  24. Email entry with say, the top three books someone wants, that way if some are all gone, you'd have another choice ready. Then an SASE since it would be rather pricey to send so many books out, even with media mail.

    I love the StarDoc series and the new Lynn Viehl one, but I haven't gotten around to trying the others. Need to rectify that sometime.

  25. Anonymous12:14 PM

    Like the rest, I'm happy to send postage. I'd love to read any of these, except the inspirationals which aren't my thing. I usually go the boring route and just draw names, but there's probably a more creative way to go. - Charlene www.charleneteglia.com

  26. Anonymous12:29 PM

    This morning I had an email from a friend who is setting up a literacy learning centre in one of her city's subsidized housing neighborhoods. She's desperate for books for kids and adults. There's probably something similar close to you and that's where I vote for the books to go.

    Darlene Ryan

  27. Way cool, Sheila. I'd be tickled pink for a shot at the Rebecca Kelly books, BladeDancer or BioRescue. Like the others said, I'd be happy to send postage, or play Rock Paper Scissors, or whatever else you dream up!

  28. I have the rest, but I'd love to read your inspirationals :).

    That said, I have to agree with Simon that an auction for charity or donating them to libraries would probably be the best way.

    Whatever you decide, just finding a treasure trove of your books from over the years must be cool. Thanks for offering to share them.


  29. I agree to at least donate some to libraries. I used to work in an academic library and usually after all the journals and scholarly texts they had very little money left for fiction.

    As for contests... maybe an internet scavenger hunt. Related to your books of course. another piece from somebody who did cover art, or a favorite plug for one of your books. You may have already thought of something else, but at least I could suggest something that would take up way too much internet time.

  30. Contests would be good.

    Arm-wrassling. That would be a good contest. I'd have a chance of getting a book that way.

    If it's a thinkin' contest, I'm probably done for.

  31. Argh! I have a twin and a split personality...

    (Dueling Banjos in the background)

    Selfish-Heather prowls the internet, "Gimme BioRescue. Damn SASE is ready but for one thing."

    Fun-Heather imagines contest possibilities, "I wanna write something, create a graphic, come up with a cool promotion, something creative"

  32. Anonymous6:20 PM

    The reader in me sees 'giving away books' and immediately begins to drool; but then the writer in me says, hey, I can probably spend $7.95 on a paperback if I want it that badly. I agree with Simon, Darlene, and Carter; the books should go to someone who might not otherwise have the chance to get them. Isn't the whole point of writing to share the stories?

    If you don't agree with that idea, and would rather do some sort of contest, I think something writing-related would fit well with the theme of the site. Or perhaps not...I guess not everyone here writes. Maybe something else. But definitely book-oriented. Or perhaps a few different options to include both the writers and non-writers among us?

    Alright, I'm getting a little too into this brainstorming thing. Good luck coming up with ideas; I'm sure you'll find something that will work.

  33. Anonymous6:35 PM

    My son turned 13 years old today, so we've been in and out celebrating. And God help me, I'm the mother of a teenager (again.)

    Couple of things in response to your comments:

    I donate a huge pile of books to the library every month -- nearly everything I read -- and last year I gave them another 2,000 + books when we moved. I'm doing the same thing this year. I also make an annual donation to help our local library buy new materials for the children's section. So I don't feel guilty giving this little pile away to you all. :)

    Also, postage is not a problem. I have enough in the promo budget to cover it. I don't want to sell or auction the books because I got them for free.

    I'm going to let the gears spin tonight and post my first whatever-I-do in the morning. Thanks for all the terrific suggestions.

  34. Anonymous7:52 PM

    Happy Birthday to your son!!

    You're the best lady in the world!! You're nice and generous and kind and such an awesome writer! I'd be tickled pink to take "Dream Mountain", "Sun Valley" and "The Kissing Blades" off your hands! You rock, Ms. Viehl!

    I like maybe a name draw contest. not as much fun, granted, but I have a chance of getting a book. :D

  35. Anonymous9:19 PM

    Phew, Sheila, for a moment there I thought I'd have to gag the 'pick me,' 'pick ME!' voice of the feral, greedy, narrow-eyed, hunchback fan inside and just be noble like some of the others here. Nope, can't do that, not when there is FAN stuff to be had. I'm perfectly willing to beat off everyone else for an ARC. Contests? Sure. Do I have to be gracious in victory or can I gloat?

    Oh, felicitations to your son, I imagine he had a terrific day.

    Jaye Patrick

  36. Anonymous1:39 AM

    I admit it...the only book of yours I've read SO FAR is IF ANGELS BURN..however..I love the ittle Blade Dancer...:)


    Uhmm to give away. Draw names, give us a scavenger hunt on your different websites..so we can read excerpts and answer questions...make us tell you a joke?

    I'm up for it.. I don't mind working for a good book. :)

  37. Been meaning to read StarDoc, it's on my Amazon.com wishlist.

  38. Anonymous2:55 PM

    My router died and I've been offline so I missed this. Darn!! Well, if you haven't decided, I'd love to be in the running for the Gena Hales. I really enjoyed Paradise Island. Thanks! :)

  39. Anonymous9:49 PM

    I'd be interested in one of the StarDoc books. visionthingblog[at]gmail.com



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