Friday, July 29, 2005

Pet Panic

I couldn't find Jak this morning. I woke up, went out and did the cats' food and water, and Jak, who is always first to the food bowl, didn't show up.

Jak has bad lungs from a respiratory infection that put him on Humane Society Death Row as a kitten, so I walked around the house listening for his wheezing. Not a sound. I called to him, but no answering yowl. The other two will occasionally play hide-and-seek with me, but not Jak. He's like a dog; call his name and he's in your lap two seconds later.

I checked all the rooms, in all the closets, and under all the beds. Jak is a big kitty, 22-1/2 lbs, so sometimes he gets stuck in odd places. I went out to the garage, into which Jak loves to sneak. I checked under my car and under the hood. No cat.

By this time I was convinced he'd slipped out while I was bringing the groceries in and was dead. A typical hysterical pet owner reaction, but Jak has never lived outside. He's got claws, of course, but if a fox or coyote came up to him he'd probably try to lick its nose. Then there was the local traffic; much faster than Jak. I put on my shoes and went out and walked the road, looking for his body. No corpse, and none of my early-morning neighbors had seen him.

I came home and wondered what the hell I was going to tell my family, when I remembered a closet I hadn't checked. It's under the stairs, and I had it open last night for a few minutes while I was stowing some photo albums.

I opened the door, and out popped Jak, looking highly indignant.

False Alarm


  1. Anonymous7:44 AM

    Glad to hear the mystery was happily solved. Marie

  2. I felt your panic as I read this post. Devoted to my pets, I understand all too well. I'm glad Jak is okay. And bless you for rescuing a sick kitty from the shelter.

  3. I just moved halfway across the country and had to leave my two cats behind at with my parents. They are outside cats now and it worries me to death. My mom, who now calls them her "babies," insists they are doing just fine. I only hope I can pry them away from her when I move into my own house!

    Glad to hear your Jak is safe and sound!

  4. My cats are always going into closets. Sometimes I see them doing it and I *still* forget and close the door on them. *shaking head*

    I'm glad Jak is okay. I love that picture!

  5. Glad he's OK. Can't wait to see the picture when I get home.

    We have to count cats (or, these days, cat) before we leave to make sure nobody got closed in where he wasn't supposed to.

  6. Awww I'm so glad he's okay. If it's not closets it's a drawer at my house.

  7. Anonymous1:24 PM

    Awww, Jak is a beauty.

    Me too. Closets and cabinets, since they learned long ago how to open the doors.
    One of mine, a sweetie, deaf from birth, panics me that way because he can't HEAR me calling him.
    Since he's huge, and has been known to break through a window screen at the sight of another cat, I really worry when I can't find him.
    I have been known to destroy the house searching.

  8. I've had cats go missing, and I get so panicky. I'm glad Jak is fine. He looks like a great cat. :)


  9. My own heart raced as I read this. I freak out when one of my pets goes missing, because I'm just sure they escaped from the house or died under a bed.

    Glad it all turned out well! :)

  10. Phew! Panic is the right word when you can't find your special kitty or fido. We all want to do everything we can for our furry friends.

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